Alchemy is the process of making potions by mixing solvents and reagents to create potions and poisons.


Solvents are the liquid of the potion and determine the level, and therefore the strength, of the potion. You can spend Skill Points in a passive called SOLVENT PROFICIENCY which will allow you to use higher level solvents and create better potions.

Solvents can be found in various places around Tamriel from natural rivers and streams to shelves and nightstands. Water skins and bottles will normally contain solvents as well. If you notice a small splashing near a river bank it is likely that you can collect a solvent there. The level of the solvents found depends on the zone that it is found. Higher level solvents are found in higher level zones and lower level solvents in the lower level zones.

There are 7 different types of solvents in ESO for potions and 7 for poisons.


Potion Level Solvent Solvent Level Locations
3 Natural Water 1 Starter Islands, Tier 1 Zones
10 Clear Water 1 Tier 1 Zones
Tier 2 Zones
20 Pristine Water 2 Tier 2 Zones
Tier 3 Zones
30 Cleansed Water 3 Tier 4 Zones
Tier 5 Zones
40 Filtered Water 4 Coldharbor
CP 10 Purified Water 5 Veteran Silver Zones
CP 50 Cloud Mist 6 Veteran Gold Zones
CP 100 Star Dew 7 Craglorn
CP 150 Lorkhan's Tears 8 Battle Level Zones


ESO Poison Solvents (Oils)

Potion Level Solvent Solvent Level Locations
3 Grease Grease 1 Starter Islands, Tier 1 Zones
10 Ichor Ichor 1 Tier 1 Zones
Tier 2 Zones
20 Slime Slime 2 Tier 2 Zones
Tier 3 Zones
30 Gall Gall 3 Tier 4 Zones
Tier 5 Zones
40 Terebinthine Terebinthine 4 Coldharbor
CP 10 Pitch-Bile Pitch-Bile 5 Cadwell Silver Zones
CP 50 Tarblack Tarblack 6 Cadwell Gold Zones
CP 100 Night Oil Night Oil 7 Craglorn
CP 150 Alkahest Alkahest 8 Battle Level Zones (DLC)




Reagents are the ingredients for a potion and are often herbs, flowers and mushrooms. The combination of reagents determine the effects of a potion. There are 18 reagents to be found in Tamriel and these can be found growing in any zone. A potion must use at least 2 reagents and if the reagents share the same effect then the resulting potion will give that effect. So a potion made from Blue Entoloma and Bugloss will be a Health Potion as both reagents have “restore health” as an effect.

You can spend Skill Points in a passive called LABORATORY USE which will allow you to combine more reagents together creating potions with multiple effects. Reagents can also have negative effects, such as “reduce speed” and combining two reagents with this effect will produce a potion which will include that negative effect so be careful when mixing those reagents.

ESO Alchemy Reagents

Image Reagent Effect 1 Effect 2 Effect 3 Effect 4
Beetle Scuttle Beetle Scuttle Lower Spell Resist Protection  Increase Armor Vitality
Blessed Thistle Blessed Thistle  Restore Stamina  Increase Weapon Power  Ravage Health  Speed
Blue Entoloma Blue Entoloma  Ravage Magicka  Lower Spell Power  Restore Health  Invisible
Bugloss Bugloss  Increase Spell Resist  Restore Health  Lower Spell Power  Restore Magicka
Butterfly Wing Butterfly Wing  Restore Health Sustained Restore Health  Lower Spell Crit Vitality
Columbine Columbine  Restore Health  Restore Magicka  Restore Stamina CC Immunity
Corn Flower Corn Flower  Restore Magicka  Increase Spell Power  Ravage Health  Detection
Dragonthorn Dragonthorn  Increase Weapon Power  Restore Stamina  Lower Armor  Weapon Crit
Emetic Russula Emetic Russula  Ravage Health  Ravage Magicka  Ravage Stamina  Stun
Fleshfly Larva Fleshfly Larva  Ravage Stamina Creeping Ravage Health Vulnerability Vitality
Imp Stool Imp Stool  Lower Weapon Power  Ravage Stamina  Increase Armor  Lower Weapon Crit
Ladys Smock Lady's Smock  Increase Spell Power  Restore Magicka  Lower Spell Resist  Spell Crit
Luminous Russula Luminous Russula  Ravage Stamina  Lower Weapon Power  Restore Health  Reduce Speed
Mountain Flower Mountain Flower  Increase Armor  Restore Health  Lower Weapon Power  Restore Stamina
Mudcrab Chitin Mudcrab Chitin  Increase Spell Resist Protection  Increase Armor Defile
Namiras Rot Namira's Rot  Spell Crit  Speed  Invisible CC Immunity
Nightshade Nightshade  Ravage Health Creeping Ravate Health Protection Defile
Nirnroot Nirnroot  Ravage Health  Lower Spell Crit  Lower Weapon Crit  Invisible
Scrib Jelly Scrib Jelly  Ravage Magicka Vulnerability  Speed Sustained Restore Health
Spider Egg Spider Egg  Reduce Speed Sustained Restore Health  Invisible Defile
Stinkhorn Stinkhorn  Lower Armor  Ravage Health  Increase Weapon Power  Ravage Stamina
Torchbug Thorax Torchbug Thorax  Lower Armor  Detection  Lower Weapon Crit Vitality
Violet Coprinus Violet Coprinus  Lower Spell Resist  Ravage Health  Increase Spell Power  Ravage Magicka
Water Hyacinth Water Hyacinth  Restore Health  Spell Crit  Weapon Crit  Stun
White Cap White Cap  Lower Spell Power  Ravage Magicka  Increase Spell Resist  Detection
Wormwood Wormwood  Weapon Crit  Reduce Speed  Detection CC Immunity




  • You can learn the first effect of a reagent by double clicking or selecting “use” after right clicking. The other effects must be learned by making potions and mixing reagents.
  • Learning a reagent effect will gain EXP towards you Alchemy Level.
  • You can make reasonable money by selling reagents to Alchemists however this will not level your own Alchemy of course!
  • You can mix and match regents to make many different potions from Health Potions to Tri-Stat Potions and even Invisibility and CC Immunity Potions.

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