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You can share your build to the Elder Scrolls Online community by filling in this form. The information entered here will be displayed as a build on ESO Academy and can be shared with others searching for builds.

If you are looking to theorycraft or design a build I would suggest ESO itself or perhaps something like to plan out your skills. This form is for when you have already made a build and would like to share it with others.

You can use this form anonymously or, if you want to be able to edit your build later, you can register on ESO Academy over here.



ESO Build Maker

  • The name of your build.
  • Your name, or the name of the creator of the build, that will be displayed with the build. This is not required.
  • These fields are simply to provide a general guide as to an ideal amount of each resource for this build. You can input a range, such as 11000 - 16000 or just provide a general value.   Due to the variety of things which increase your resources, such as attribute points, gear and food, these values give a point in the right direction for people looking at this build in a better way than simply the attribute points.  
  • Action Bar 1

    This is your first Action Bar.
  • Action Bar 2

    This is your second Action Bar.
  • Armor And Gear

  • A bit about the build gear and any Item Sets used. Why that type of armor? Why that Item Set? Perhaps list some alternatives. You can go on as long as you like or you can keep it brief and just describe the basics.
  • General Info

  • Here is where you can go into detail about this builds play style, combat strategy, potion use, food requirements, strengths, weaknesses, possible skill alternatives and anything else that you want to add.
  • The Champion System is able to be customized a lot, so here you can offer some tips about Champion Point assignment that would compliment this build. This section is not required.
  • A brief summary of this build that will appear as an excerpt helping people searching for the right build. This section also appears at the top of your build.
  • Tick all that apply. This is just to help categorize builds and help people searching for builds.
  • An image to display at the top of your build. Only .jpg, .png and .gif file formats are supported. Max file size of 5MB.
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, gif.
  • Link to a YouTube video of this build in action and it will display with this build. This is not required.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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