Elder Scrolls Online Skills

Elder Scrolls Online Skills

Skills are used in Elder Scrolls Online to perform combat and become a better crafter. Skills are organized into Skill Lines which have a combination of Active Abilities and Passive Skills.

All Skills must be purchased / unlocked with Skill Points.

If you are looking for a skill calculator or build planner I recommend which is the only up to date skill calculator at the moment.

Skill Lines

Active Abilities

Active Abilities are used in combat to perform actions which deal damage, support allies or protect yourself from incoming damage. Once you unlock an Active Ability you can place it on your Action Bar in order to use it. Your Action Bar has 6 Slots – 5 slots for normal abilities and 1 slot for an Ultimate ability.

Active Abilities are very important are are required to be successful in combat.

Passive Skills

Passive Skills are unlocked in the same way as Active Abilities. Once unlocked they with provide a constantly active (passive) bonus to your character.

Some Passive Skills have requirements such as requiring a certain Active Skill to be slotted on your Action Bar or have a certain Weapon type equipped. Passive Skills might not seem as important when compared to Active Abilities – and this is true for the lower levels – however Passive Skills become more important in the higher levels and as they provide good bonuses in certain areas.

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