Xivkyn (Imperial Daedric) Style

The Xivkyn, or Imperial Daedric, style is a new style of armor and weapons in Elder Scrolls Online. The Xivkyn style will be added with the release of the Imperial City which is on August 31.

Racial Motif: Xivkyn (Imperial Daedric)

In order to obtain the Xivkyn Racial Motif, which is needed to learn the Xivkyn style, you can either collect the 14 Xivkyn Style Chapters or find the entire Racial Motif: Xivkyn which is quite rare. You can also purchase these items from other players.

The Style Chapters can sometimes be found in certain well-warded chests in Imperial City. These chests require items that drop from many Daedra and their servants to open.

You may also be able to purchase the Xivkyn Motif on the Crown Store like the others.

This was posted to the forums to help explain the new Motif.

Xivkyn Motif Chapters can be found in the Imperial City Trophy Vaults. They can be sold and traded with other players. There is also a low chance for the full Xivkyn Motif Book to drop from the bosses in the Imperial City itself but not the two new Group Dungeons.

You have a chance of getting Charcoal of Remorse (Xivkyn) when you deconstruct any Xivkyn style equipment. You can also purchase Charcoal of Remorse from Tel Var merchants in your Alliance’s base in the Imperial Sewers. Charcoal of Remorse can be traded and sold to other players.

Xivkyn (Imperial Daedric) Style Gear

Once you have read the Xivkyn Motif and learned the Xivkyn style you can craft items in this style at any crafting station.

To make Xivkyn style gear you will need a Charcoal of Remorse. This is the style material for the Imperial Daedric style and can be found through deconstruction of Xivkyn items or you can purchase them with Tel Var Stones.

Xivkyn Raw  Raw Charcoal

Xivkyn Refined Refined Charcoal

Xivkyn Style Material Charcoal of Remorse

Xivkyn Style Material Charcoal of Remorse

Some of the Xivkyn weapons are armor are below.



Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Axe 1H Axe

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Hammer 1H Hammer

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Dagger 1H Dagger


Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Axe 2H Axe

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Hammer 2H Hammer

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Sword 2H Sword

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Staff Staff


Heavy Armor

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Heavy Head Heavy Head

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Heavy Shoulders Heavy Shoulders

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Heavy Chest Heavy Chest

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Heavy Legs Heavy Legs

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Heavy Hands Heavy Hands

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Heavy Waist Heavy Waist

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Heavy Feet Heavy Feet


Medium Armor

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Medium Head Medium Head

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Medium Shoulders Medium Shoulders

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Medium Chest Medium Chest

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Medium Legs Medium Legs

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Medium Hands Medium Hands

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Medium Waist Medium Waist

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Medium Feet Medium Feet


Light Armor

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Light Head Light Head

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Light Shoulders Light Shoulders

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Light Chest Robe Light Chest Robe

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Light Chest Shirt Light Chest Shirt

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Light Legs Light Legs

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Light Hands Light Hands

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Light Waist Light Waist

Xivkyn Imperial Daedric Light Feet Light Feet



  • Freddy james
    Nov 3, 2015

    Are you able to get the Xivkyn Racial Motif without buying it with Crowns or without having the DLC?

  • River
    Nov 3, 2015

    You can find it to in Craglorn.

    • james
      Dec 12, 2015

      Where in Craglorn can you find it?

    • ESO Academy
      Dec 12, 2015

      I thought it was only available in the Imperial City?

  • Stevo
    Nov 29, 2015

    If you buy a Xivkyn Motif in the Crown Store, can you give it to someone in-game as a gift? Or are Crown Store items bound to the account?

    • ESO Academy
      Dec 9, 2015

      I believe that they are bound to your account.

      • Adrian Hogan
        Feb 6, 2016

        You can get the entire book without having the dlc. The books are sometimes for sale in the guild store from other high level guild members.

  • I dont have one
    Jun 1, 2016

    Is there a bow version of this style?

  • ImmortalSoul44
    Jun 19, 2016

    No they dont have the bow version its listed weapons on top?

    • PC Gamer
      Jul 15, 2016

      Yes Xivkyn has a bow in the motif. I craft them all the time

  • Kh
    Aug 6, 2016

    I bought it from the store but yet can’t see anything in the crafting stations is it cuz of my low lvl?

  • Malice
    Aug 14, 2016

    If you don’t purchase in crown store the mirror, you’ll need to be level 6-9 in all wood, metal and clothing, it varies between 6-9 put your passives there, you’ll be able to craft at any level but seeing be able to use them until your that level (if your level 20 and it’s level 40 you have to wait until your level 40) unless you dye them yourself, you can gift crafts armor and weapons to other players, dying them binds them to you, but you can “outgrow” your own armor and hand it down to another character with that level. Hope that helps 🙂 I tend to buy my motifs though I’ve found a few rares now and then, castles and banks are good spots for me

  • Hippy
    Sep 4, 2016

    Do you have to have all the chapters can learn yhe style or can you learn each bit?

    • ESO Academy
      Sep 4, 2016

      You can learn each bit and make those items. So you could learn just Legs and make them.

  • AlwaysDifficult
    Mar 5, 2017

    So I just purchased the Xivkyn armor crafting book.. My problem is, I have no idea what I need in order to craft the armor pieces.. or even where to start looking for that matter 🙁 I just want cool looking high rating light armor for my wood elf Templar healer, is that really to much to ask for?? :'( please help me, I just need a crafting guide, step by step, (no fancy vocab) list of materials and/or requirements to craft a full armor set of this beautiful Xivkyn armor???? please help me out

    • AlwaysDifficult
      Mar 5, 2017

      My gamertag is AlwaysDifficult on XBox one, friend me and talk me through it if it’s not too much of a hassle.


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