The Green Warrior – A Stamina Templar

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OverviewESO Build The Green Warrior
Attribute Points
Equipment / Gear
Skills / Abilities
Champion Points


This build was designed by SunMan2 after Patch 1.6.5 for characters from Level 1 to Veteran Rank 10 and above. This is not an “end-game template” or a build designed for long stretches of hardcore PVP but is rather a build which can quest, complete solo content, group up for Veteran and non-Veteran Group Dungeons and compete in group PVP. This isn’t a “meta” build which optimizes for a specific role or capability. Ok, ready?







ESO Green Warrior Build Bar 1

ESO Green Warrior Build Bar 2


This build excels in solo or group PVE content including Delves, Public Dungeons and even non-Vet Group Dungeons. A two handed sword and a sword and shield allow this build can deal good area of effect damage and survive against the higher level hard hitting bosses. This build to take on an area of effect damage, single target damage or even a tank role. In PVP this build can perform well as a tanky support type of character, leading the way in and mopping up afterwards as well as buffing allies and debuffing enemies. Any race is suitable for this build however Nord is a great option for the 6% damage reduction, the health regeneration and the extra health.



Attribute Points

ALL 0 0

All attribute points are spent in health so as to survive the brutal world of close range combat. Health is important and as of Patch 1.6.5 health attribute points give 122 health each.



Equipment / Gear

Gear is very important and there are a number of good choices. It is wise to have a couple of different gear options available so as to maintain flexibility and change depending on the situation.


Medium Armor is probably the best option for The Green Warrior as it gives stamina regeneration, reduces the cost of stamina abilities, increases weapon critical and reduces the cost of sneaking and roll dodging – all very important! Gear is flexible depending on your requirements of battle – solo or group or PVP – and the limitations of supply – your crafting level, traits and gold. Heavy armor is also an option to take on a more tanky role and boost survival.


Green Warrior Gear

Image Slot Type Enchant Set
ESO Head Slot Head Medium Armor Health Vampire's Kiss
ESO Chest Slot Chest Medium Armor Health Vampire's Kiss
ESO Legs Slot Legs Medium Armor Health Hist Bark
ESO Shoulders Slot Shoulders Medium Armor Stamina Hist Bark
ESO Hands Slot Hands Medium Armor Stamina Hist Bark
ESO Waist Slot Waist Medium Armor Stamina Vampire's Kiss
ESO Feet Slot Feet Medium Armor Stamina Hist Bark
ESO Neck Slot Neck Jewelry Reduce Cost of Block and Max Stamina
ESO Ring Slot Ring Jewelry Reduce Cost of Block and Max Stamina
ESO Ring Slot Ring Jewelry Reduce Cost of Block and Max Stamina
ESO Weapon 1 Slot Weapon 1 Two Handed Absorb Stamina or Absorb Health Hist Bark
ESO Weapon 2 Slot Weapon 2 One Handed Disease Damage or Damage Shield Hist Bark
ESO Shield Slot Shield Shield Stamina Vampire's Kiss


So, as you can see this build chooses to run with gear which improves health and stamina as well as some weapon damage. First of all all of the armor is medium armor which grants the following bonuses if all medium armor passives are unlocked.


  • ~10% Weapon Critical
    This is handy for a build which deals damage with abilities which use weapon critical.
  • +28% Stamina Regeneration
    This is good for sustainability.
  • -14% Cost of Stamina Abilities
    This is even better for sustainability.
  • -35% Stealth Detection Radius
    This can be handy for Cyrodiil and PVP or for use in the Justice System!
  • -49% Stealth Sneak Cost
    This is really good for Cyrodiil where sneaking is very important.
  • +12% Weapon Damage
    This is good for this build as it uses abilities which scale with weapon damage often.
  • +28% Sprint Speed
    This can be handy for Cyrodiil and just travelling around the place.
  • -28% Cost of Roll Dodge
    This is really good for any situation as roll dodging, blocking and damaging all use stamina.

After that I have also enchanted the large items of armor – the head, chest and legs – with health enchants and the smaller items – the shoulders, hands, waist and feet – with stamina enchants. The large items give the full value of an armor enchantment and the smaller items give around a quarter of that value. It is important to stay alive and becomes difficult in close range combat and this is why it is valuable to get the most health as possible.

For the jewelry, this build can really make use of anything however with the increased cost to blocking in Patch 1.6.5 a good choice of enchant is blocking cost reduction. This build will be fighting among many enemies all hitting at the same time and so it is important to reduce the cost of blocking as much as possible and also manage the timing of blocking so as to maintain enough stamina to fight and roll dodge.

The set items which this build uses are Hist Bark and Vampire’s Kiss. Hist Bark provides armor, health regeneration, max health and most importantly gives 18% dodge chance when blocking. This is really valuable as dodging an attack with this is completely free – it does not cost stamina – and it does not deal any damage at all. Great! Vampire’s Kiss is flexible – any set would work here to fill in shortfalls in other areas. Vampire’s Kiss offers health regeneration, max health and +4% healing taken. The healing taken bonus will only be active when sword and shield is active as the shield makes up the forth item. When using the 2H only three items from Vampire’s Kiss are used.

The weapon enchantments won’t make too much of a difference and can be changed depending on the situation. The absorb stamina is always handy as is disease damage or a damage shield.



Skills and Abilities

Ok so here is the bulk of what makes up a build besides gear. Skills change, even more than gear, depending on the situation or group dynamics. This build often uses the following skills when performing solo or small group PVE content such as Delves and Public Dungeons as well as questing and lower level Group Dungeons.

You can peruse the build here on as well.


Action Bar 1 – Two Handed Sword



This is a great skill. It is best pre-cast before a fight and it will provide this build with 20% increased weapon damage for 30 seconds as well as a small heal over time. On top of that you will gain an additional bulk heal at the end of the ability. You can even cast it again early at it will heal based on the time that it has been active. This can work really well if you keep it up constantly not only to buff your damage but also to stay alive.



This skill is one of the primary skills used in area of effect situations as it deals damage to targets within a 7 meter radius and applies a damage over time for 10 seconds. This morph also gives you a damage shield depending on the number of enemies hit with it which can help with survival in large packs of enemies. The damage might not be great but the damage shield and low cost make it a good skill to have on the bar. This skill could be swapped with UPPERCUT for more single target damage.



This is another great ability and it is a difficult choice with the morph options. The other morph gives healing which is great but it would drain magicka which is in short supply for this build. This morph does good damage which scales with weapon damage and max stamina as well as giving a short term boost to weapon critical which applies to this ability as well as the other damaging abilities such as BRAWLER or UPPERCUT. This skills is also good for area of effect.



Wow this is a truly great skill. Firstly is scales with health, so the more health you have the bigger the shield, and secondly it deals area damage! This build has a reasonable amount of health so it will be an ok shield and on top of that it deals damage to enemies in the area once it ends. This is the only magicka skill on this bar so it can be recast without worry and have a reliable defensive spell which also deals damage.



This has to be one of the most unique and best spells that Templars have. This spell consumes corpses to restore health and stamina to you and your allies! This is best used in PVE where there is a reliable source of corpses to be found. This spell allows you to clear large packs of enemies in places like Delves and Public Dungeons and even Group Dungeons and Dolmens (Dark Anchors). This spell is free to cast so you might as well cast it when corpses are around to instantly provide health and stamina! Of course there are situations, like in Cyrodiil, where this spell might not be as viable and can always be swapped for something else such as PURIFYING RITUAL or even REVERSE SLASH for an execute.



A cheap ultimate ability which deals ok damage to enemies in an 8 meter radius and also reduces incoming damage by up to 39%! The damage reduction is 15% plus an additional 4% for each enemy hit. This is great for large packs of enemies to reduce some of that incoming damage!



Action Bar 2 – 1 Hand and Shield



So this ability is great as you can use it to get out of tough situations – such as a swarm of enemies – and zoom over to those pesky ranged enemies, stun them and give yourself a damage shield along the way.



This ability reduces the damage of an enemy, snares them and also gives you extra ultimate – which is handy with the changes to ultimate generation in 1.6.5!



This ability goes with the defensive theme of this bar and provides nice passive block cost reduction and mitiation as well as providing a defensive ability for ranged mage enemies trying to kill you from afar. This morph stuns the caster and gives you some breathing room to charge over or cast a damage shield.



This bar also features this ability as it is really great. The lack of an instant heal on each bar means that a quick fire damage shield can be the difference between life and death and you don’t want to be caught trying to swap weapons in the middle of a pack of enemies when you are on low health.



This ability slot is flexible but this ability is a good choice, especially for PVP, as it removes damaging effects, healing reduction effects and even immobilizes such as Dark Talons. It also provides a little healing to you and your allies and allows your allies to cleanse themselves of negative effects.



This ultimate is great – it deals damage, reduces the enemies damage and has a good synergy. In 1.6.5 the cost is reduced to 250 ultimate.


These abilities change all the time but generally this set up works pretty well for a variety of situations. For a more damaging build skills like UPPERCUT and REVERSE SLASH can be added.

As for passives, generally anything relevant works. Burning Light and Deflect Bolts which offer extra damage and block mitigation are really good. The 2H passives for cost reduction and the 1H/S passives for block cost reduction and block mitigation are a must!



Champion Points

Champion Points – and the way they can be spent – is very flexible at the moment so there is no set way to do it right. This build focuses on stamina based damage with a few magicka spells for defense and utility so anything which can boost sustainability in those areas is great. Another big area to invest in is health and things which can increase your survival chances – like damage shields.

The Warrior

BASTION in The Lord, which increases the effect of damage shields, and REINFORCED in The Steed, which grants a damage shield for 10 seconds after you block, are great!

The Thief

TUMBLING and WARLORD which decrease the cost of blocking and decrease the cost of stamina skills are handy for sustainability.

The Mage

PRECISE STRIKES increases the damage of physical critical hits which is good for the extra damage.

I haven’t gone much into Champion Points at the moment as further testing is required to find the good combinations and the best higher level passives.



Final Thoughts

This build is quite flexible and can adapt to many situations. You could even adapt this as a magicka heavy build and replace some of the stamina abilities with other magicka alternatives. A tank variety is also possible by simply added a taunt skill to the second bar and perhaps wearing heavy armor of similar sets instead of medium armor. As with all builds in ESO nothing is really set in stone or required to be successful for solo or group PVE content. This build might not be the best for a dps in the Veteran Dungeons but it can perform well in a lot of situations and can be tweaked in a number of ways to improve either damage or survival.



Feel free to comment below and leave suggestions or thoughts.


  • Dragonsveil
    Mar 12, 2015

    This is great and I think would be a very welcome post over at Tamriel Foundry Forums under Build Theory Crafting for Templars.
    I had been looking for something like this as all the really have is end game builds. Thanks for putting this together and the rest of the site is great as well. Hope you keep up the great work and continue to add more content to ESO Academy!

    • ESO Academy
      Mar 12, 2015

      Thanks! Yeah I noticed a lot of builds seem to be for end game but there is a long journey in between as well – the bulk of ESO in fact. Thanks for the feedback and I might post this to Tamriel Foundry as well.

      • mike
        Feb 8, 2016

        Wow love this build I’m not even close to finishing my skills cuz I had a diffrent build and restet everything and I’m killing stuff I couldn’t before and like I said I’ve only got Brawler, Raident Wars and Repentance lol you found gold on this build 10 out of 10 wow all I have to say.

  • AiyzeR
    Jun 4, 2015

    If you’re leveling you should focus on dealing damage rather than taking it. I am a Stamina Templar myself and I kill mobs very quickly and restore my Stamina/Health with Repentance after the fight is done.

  • Sowtech
    Jun 5, 2015

    Thanks for this guide, one question.

    Can I change The Sword/Shield for a Bow?
    First Weapon 2H & Second Bow? Is that good?

    If yes, can you reccommend a guide for a Templar 2H & Bow?

    • ESO Academy
      Jun 5, 2015

      Yeah Bow could also work I would think. You could use skills like Magnum Shot to create some distance and then switch to 2H and use the Critical Charge. You could also use Snipe and Poison Arrow and these would do good damage because of the high Stamina pool and Weapon Damage. Also Rally (from 2H) works with all weapons, so you can cast it and switch back to Bow and still gain the 20% increased Weapon Damage to use with Bow abilities.

      This here is a good guide which is for Dual Wield and Bow but you can substitute Dual Wield for 2H as well.

    • Asrealia
      Jul 19, 2015

      I use a bow and 2-hand with this build, very effective. I use Venom Arrow and Bombard. In heavy fights, I distance and then switch to 2-hand mace in heavy combat. When dealing with trash I use the bow skills.

  • HolyHawk
    Jun 24, 2015

    Hi there, I need guides from you.
    I’m running a v3 Redguard Templar and I’m looking for a tank build and I see your build might just work with my character because it don’t use much Magicka skills, only for damage shield and healing. And I’m gonna use your build, but because I’m a tank I’ll go full heavy armor, and I need a taunt, can you recommend one taunt please?

    • ESO Academy
      Jun 30, 2015

      At the moment there are only two options, Inner Fire and Pucture. I would probably suggest Pucture at first as it uses Stamina and also reduces the targets armor as well. Later on, if you find that you have a lot of Magicka to spare, you could try Inner Fire as it has great range.

  • Chimis
    Aug 19, 2015

    This is a really good build. Has anyone had any success with this build so far? I’d love to feature this build on my website! Let me know if this is okay ESO Academy.

    • ESO Academy
      Aug 19, 2015

      Thanks and yeah that’s alright! 🙂

  • Nandor
    Sep 3, 2015

    Hi, if i put some cp points on Ritual, for Mighty, (increase your physical attack) its worth it?

    • ESO Academy
      Sep 7, 2015

      Yeah I find that Mighty is good as this will increase things like your 2H skills like Brawler and also Biting Jabs (as it uses Stamina and Physical Damage).

  • Nandor
    Sep 24, 2015

    Mighty on Mage is awesome! Put some cp points this ( min 30 and u will see 😉 ). Blessed on Appretince is increase healing. Tumble is important because in Update 7 no Stamina Regeneration while blocking, this passive help a little.

  • Sean
    Dec 6, 2015

    Having fun with my own version of the build so far. I’ve chosen to try it with an IMPERIAL instead. Sound viable?

    Only flaw is lack of gap closer n bar 1 so I’m using the aedric javelin to hurt and floor enemies while I close in.

    Thanks for the inspiring build!

  • Octopus
    Mar 30, 2016

    Awesome build. It helped me a lot. Thanks, friend. A well balanced templar.

  • Sunhealer
    Apr 12, 2016

    Hey there, im having trouble trying to find the best passives for this build, so i thought maybe you’d have a clue at what to focus on.

  • Marukeru
    Jun 14, 2016

    Is this build still strong after all the updates since its posting?
    It looks to be very fun, and I would enjoy playing it some, but I’m not sure if any skills have changed that could affect it’s functionality.

    • Camerono
      Jul 30, 2016

      The build does have some success, but I only got it by spreading the points with some in stamina. I’m currently lvl 12 and was able to light attacks from a lvl 41 with little damage. I’ve got about 9 points in health and it has allowed me to do some frontline duty moves, but it starts to fail against the veteran ranks for obvious reasons.

  • Razian
    Jul 9, 2016

    Hi! I am a casual tipe of player and always had problens with my nord templar. This is a very simple build and it’s really working for me. I do The role of tank in a champion 130 dungeon with my lvl 40 character and works perfectly. Thank you so much for this build

  • ChuchoF3TT
    Jul 18, 2016

    great i’m using this for leveling and so far no issues, i would love to see a Magika Templar Tank build by you… any chance you can make one?

    i was looking for something more paladin type where you do damage but also heal a lot so u don’t depend on healer that much.. but i’m new to the game so what do i know :s

  • wipe
    Feb 23, 2017

    just wondering… is this still viable with all the changes made?

  • Matt
    Apr 4, 2017

    Does this build still work?

  • Fuzznutt
    Apr 26, 2018

    Matt…..I know this is over a year old, but to answer your question and just letting ppl know, I’m using this build now as a Nord Tank (with Damage/buffed)….3369 Weapon Damage 2H Sword..3278 Weapon Damage Sword & Board….Morag Tong with Warrior Poet. For Full Tank…Beekeepers with Warrior Poet. There’s probably better gear to use, but I already had this and I’ve followed nearly everything else including CP’s included in this build and have found it works really well!!

  • Hiper
    Oct 30, 2018

    I wanted to try somethong new and doing this october 2018. Doing good so far but put points into stamina. wondering about more updated gear suggestions ?


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