Glass Style

Glass is a new style of armor and weapons in Elder Scrolls Online, set to be released with Update 7.

Style Motif: Glass

In order to obtain the entire Glass Motif you will need to first find 10 Glass Style Motif Fragments – these are rewards for completing the Blacksmithing, Clothier and Woowworking Writs. Once you have collected 10 of those you can combine them with Merethic Restorative Resin which is sold in the Mage’s Guild. This process will reward you with a single Glass Motif Chapter. A Motif Chapter can be read to learn how to create specific items in the Glass Style like helmets, swords, robes, etc. There is also a very small chance that you will get an entire Glass Motif when you combine the 10 Fragments together.

This was posted on the forums to explain the new Glass Motif.

To get Glass Style Motif Chapters, you must first obtain Glass Style Motif Fragments. You have a chance of getting Glass Style Motif Fragments any time you complete a Clothier, Woodworking, or Blacksmith Crafting Writ – the higher tiers of Writs, the better chance. You then combine 10 Glass Style Motif Fragments with Merethic Restorative Resin – sold in the Mage’s Guild – to create a Glass Motif Chapter. Very rarely, you may also be lucky and get the full Glass Motif Book when you perform a Glass Style Motif Fragment combination. The Glass Style Motif Fragments, Glass Style Motif Chapters, and Glass Style Motif Book can all be traded and sold to other players.

We know that at some point in time it will be available in the Crown Store. The Glass Motif, the Fragments and Chapters are all able to be traded as well.

You will need Malachite to make items in the Glass style. Malachite does drop in the Imperial City and on ESO Live the one of the testers shown found a Malachite Shard while looting a chest. The chances of getting Malachite are highest when looting a Treasure Map chest.

You will need 10 Malachite Shards to make a full block of Malachite. While you can trade the Malachite Shards the full blocks of Malachite are not able to be traded.

This was posted on the forums to clarify.

You also have a chance to get a full piece of Malachite (Glass) when you deconstruct any Glass equipment, though Glass equipment can only be crafted. Full pieces of Malachite are created with Malachite Shards, which are obtained from treasure chests throughout the world. 10 Malachite Shards refine to create one piece of Malachite. Malachite Shards can be traded and sold to other players. Malachite itself is not tradeable or sellable.

 Malachite Shard



Glass Style Gear



Glass Axe 1H Axe

Glass Hammer 1H Hammer

Glass Dagger 1H Dagger

Glass Shield Shield

Glass Axe 2H Axe

Glass Hammer 2H Hammer

Glass Sword 2H Sword

Glass Staff Staff


Heavy Armor

Glass Heavy Head Heavy Head

Glass Heavy Shoulders Heavy Shoulders

Glass Heavy Chest Heavy Chest

Glass Heavy Legs Heavy Legs

Glass Heavy Hands Heavy Hands

Glass Heavy Waist Heavy Waist

Glass Heavy Feet Heavy Feet


Medium Armor

Glass Medium Head Medium Head

Glass Medium Shoulders Medium Shoulders

Glass Medium Chest Medium Chest

Glass Medium Legs Medium Legs

Glass Medium Hands Medium Hands

Glass Medium Waist Medium Waist

Glass Medium Feet Medium Feet


Light Armor

Glass Light Head Light Head

Glass Light Shoulders Light Shoulders

Glass Light Chest Robe Light Chest Robe

Glass Light Chest Shirt Light Chest Shirt

Glass Light Legs Light Legs

Glass Light Hands Light Hands

Glass Light Waist Light Waist

Glass Light Feet Light Feet



  • Lioness
    Jun 26, 2016

    Malachite “chunks” are now tradable. ^_^

  • Medved
    Jan 2, 2017

    No 1H Swords ?

  • barigood
    Apr 24, 2018

    YOu must have your fragments in your inventory, NOT in your bank, or the Mystic will not have the Merethic resin on hand to sell…I found out the hard way!

  • Juli
    May 17, 2018

    Thanks so…much for the info. Thought I was doing something wrong. I store most items in the bank. Otherwise we wouldn’t need to spend 500k on bank space.

  • KebosSR9
    Jul 24, 2018

    ‘ in your inventory ‘ . Can that mean in your craft bag correct?

  • shortcake2409
    Dec 10, 2018

    where at in the mages guild ? who exactly do i buy it from?


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