Armor Skills

Amor Skills in ESO provide bonuses based on which type of armor you have equipped out of Light Armor, Medium Armor or Heavy Armor.

All types of Armor grant Armor (Physical Resistance), Spell Resistance (Magical Resistance) and Armor Passives. Armor and Spell Resistance come with the particular equipment you wear. Armor Passives are what is listed below and must be purchased with Skill Points in order to work. As you wear a particular type of Armor you will gain EXP in that Skill Line (Light, Medium, Heavy) which will allow you to purchase the higher level Armor Passives.

It is often wise to wear all three Armor types when you first begin your character in ESO as this allows your character to gain EXP in all three Armor types so then in the future if you choose to specialize in one type or another they will all be slightly levelled.

Take a look below to see the Armor Passives for yourself.

ESO Armor Skills

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