Sisters of the Sands Apartment (Apartment)

This apartment is located in Sentinel. In Sentinel, the best way to hide out in plain sight is with a private room in the Sisters of the Sands, the town’s largest inn. It also has the best food in the […]

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Flaming Nix Deluxe Garret (Apartment)

Even if you don’t personally have a taste for the famous fire-pit dancing at the Flaming Nix, you have to admit it adds a certain cachet to having a room there. Not to mention an unusual fragrance.

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Barbed Hook Private Room (Apartment)

This apartment is located in Skywatch, Auridon. Like every busy port, Skywatch has a seamy underside. A private room at the Barbed Hook offers easy access to the criminal classes—and a quick escape from the nearby docks.

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