Frozen Retreat


Frozen Retreat


Winters Embrace

Summon an ancient portal, which arms after 1.5 seconds. When triggered the enemy is teleported to you, immobilized for 3 seconds, and dealt 3280 Frost Damage. An ally in the portal can activate the Icy Escape synergy, teleporting them to you and granting them Major Expedition, increasing their Movement Speed by 30% for 8 seconds. You can have up to 3 Frozen Retreats active at a time.

Morph Effect: Grants allies in the area a synergy that teleports them to you and grants them increased Movement Speed.

Cast Time: Instant

Target: Ground

Range: 28 Meters

Radius: 5 Meters

Duration: 36 Seconds

Cost: 2701 Magicka

Base Skill: Frozen Gate

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