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AddOns are awesome. They allow for players, developers and members of the ESO community to make and share useful tools which can enhance your ESO experience, make life a little easier, automate some mundane tasks and display a lot of useful information, stats and resources.

AddOns themselves are not made by ZOS, the developers of ESO, but are made by other people, most often other players. ZOS allows the use of AddOns and supplies the API which developers can use to make AddOns. AddOns are only available to PC players and at this time no plans are in place to allow AddOns on the console version of ESO. The API that ZOS provides is designed to allow the use of convenience and display AddOns but not performance enhancing or “cheat” AddOns so that players without AddOns can still compete.

There are a LOT of AddOns available and they can perform a number of different functions. It is important to remember that some AddOns can harm your game performance in certain situations. If you are having performance problems you should first try to disable your AddOns to check if they are causing the problem.

The best places to browse AddOns are ESO UI and Curse. Here are some of the best AddOns and their functions.


Please feel free to comment let us know which AddOns you use and why.



This AddOn is made by the team at Tamriel Foundry and performs multiple useful functions including scrolling damage and heal numbers, custom resource frames and active effect tracking. You can customize FTC to show the items that you want. It can be really handy to see the amounts of actual damage that you deal to enemies and FTC also displays critical hits inside asterisk symbols for easy identification.



This is and AddOn which manages your AddOns. It allows you to download and update your AddOns and ensures that you are running the most up to date versions.



Combat Log Statistics stores all of your combat data – damage and healing dealt, damage and healing received and active effects – and lets you go back and examine it after you finish your battle. This can be a lot better than the damage recap in ESO as it shows all of the damage you take as individual items – including damage over time ticks. You can use this to go back and have a look how you did in terms of damage and how much damage you are taking. CLS can’t determine the actual name of abilities which damage you but it can tell you the name of abilities that you use to damage or heal.



ESO AddOns Recount

This AddOn is similar to Combat Log Statistics however it allows you to examine the data in the form of a graph. You can also use it to compare your abilities in terms of damage. This AddOn lets you record an entire dungeon run and then tells you which abilities did the most damage and healing in the entire run.



This is a great non-combat AddOn which allows you to sort and filter your inventory into sub-categories such as 1H Weapons, 2H Weapons, Shields, etc. This is really good and might be incorporated into ESO as a native function in the future.

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