Break Free (CC Break)

Break Free, also called CC Break, is an important move in Elder Scrolls Online which allows you to remove disabling effects.

There are numerous effects which can disable your character which are often divided into two categories – soft CC and hard CC.

Soft CC is controlling effects like snares and roots which have a negative effect but don’t stop you performing abilities or other functions. You can’t remove soft CC with Break Free.

Hard CC stops you functioning at all and includes stuns, knockbacks and disorients. Break Free is what you use to remove hard CC, thus it is very important. The only way you can remove a stun, for example, is with Break Free.


Break Free (CC Break) Cost

As with all great things, it comes at a cost. The cost increases with your Level and is a flat amount, not a percentage of your Max Stamina.

At Level 50 the cost of Break Free is 4,872 Stamina.

There are lots of instances where CC Break can determine the outcome of battles – especially in PVP where it is a common tactic to burn down your opponents Stamina in order to prevent them from moving later in the fight. It is important for all characters therefore to manage their Stamina for this purpose.


Crowd Control Immunity

When you use Break Free you also get CC immunity for 6 seconds afterwards which prevents other disabling effects from effecting you. This is shown by the white circles under your character on the ground. Also, enemy NPCs also receive CC immunity after you use crowd control effects on them, shown by the same white circles under them.

You don’t get any immunity after soft CC like snares, so you can continue to use these against CC immune enemies. There are also several enemy NPCs, who are immune to CC (mostly bosses).


Break Free CC Break ESO

Break Free in ESO


  • Jared
    Feb 15, 2017

    Unless I missed it . Maybe instruct in how to actually preform the different moves.

    When I first started I hand no idea how do preform some of the basic moves.

    Like bash ..Etc

    Anyways hope this helps some new player.

  • Runs From Mudcrabs
    Dec 27, 2017

    What Jared said. How do I do a Break Free on PS4? I see the message L2+R2 to break free, but that rarely seems to work with one attempt. Do I need to mash them repeatedly? Hold them down and wait? Do something else between Break Free attempts? Is there something fundamental about tick mechanics that I’m missing?

  • flannan
    Jan 5, 2019

    On PC, I usually hold down the right mouse button (block), and press the left mouse button to activate Break Free, same as with Bash.

  • Andrew
    Dec 25, 2019

    I found the double mouse button thing to be worse than useless. In regular battles I might accidentally be on the right mouse button while I hit the left to attack. Then loose a ton of stamina for NOTHING. I remapped my mouse button to use and unused single mouse button as a single button break free. In my case it is Mouse Button 4. The game doesn’t use it so it was free to remap.

    Remapping is done under Controls in menu you get by pressing esc

  • karpo212
    May 13, 2020

    Accidentally hitting block/break free (both mouse buttons) only consumes stamina if u actually hit something with the bash or actually break free from CC. Hitting it otherwise does not consume any stamina. I can bash all day long without using stamina if I don’t actually make contact with an enemy. Therefore, it is not useless; if stam was consumed, u actually got the benefit (bash/break free) of the inadvertent multiple mouse button presses.


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