Healer Breton Templar

Author: Courage Ina Can


Race: Breton

Main Role: Healer

Health, Magicka, Stamina

0 - 18325 64 - 31842 0 - 9708




Bar 1

Weapon 1: Restoration Staff

Ritual of Rebirth

Templar Skill

Ritual of Rebirth

Healing Ritual


Illustrious Healing

Restoration Staff Skill

Illustrious Healing

Grand Healing


Radiant Aura

Templar Skill

Radiant Aura

Restoring Aura


Inner Light

Mages Guild Skill

Inner Light



Energy Orb

Undaunted Skill

Energy Orb

Necrotic Orb


Reviving Barrier

Support Skill

Reviving Barrier



Bar 2

Weapon 2: Restoration Staff

Ritual of Rebirth

Templar Skill

Ritual of Rebirth

Healing Ritual


Luminous Shards

Templar Skill

Luminous Shards

Spear Shards


Rapid Regeneration

Restoration Staff Skill

Rapid Regeneration



Extended Ritual

Templar Skill

Extended Ritual

Cleansing Ritual


Channeled Focus

Templar Skill

Channeled Focus

Rune Focus


Aggressive Horn

Assault Skill

Aggressive Horn

War Horn


Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
7 0 0


Gear and Item Set Info


Masters Resto staff front bar (provides stam for team)

Maelstrom Resto staff back bar (magicka regen for you)

**In any clothing or jewelry slot**No Monster Set**Divines**

5 piece Lich (always on)

  • 129 mag recovery
  • 1096 magicka
  • 129 mag recovery
  • casting abilities while under 33% mag resource increases mag recovery for 1032 for 20 seconds, once every 1 minute.

5 piece Spell power cure (for dungeons)

  • 1096 magicka
  • 1096 magicka
  • 129 spell damage
  • healing anyone who is 100% health gives a 50% chance to apply major courage(258 weapon/spell dmg) for 10 seconds

5 piece Olorime (for trials)

  • 129 mag recovery
  • minor aegis(reduced dmg 5%)dungeons & trials
  • 129 mag recovery
  • ground casting abilities create circle of might for 10 seconds, standing in circle grants major courage increasing weapon/spell dmg by 258 for 30 seconds. Can occur every 10 seconds.

I personally use:

3 piece SPC or Olorime jewelry

2 piece clothing Olorime or SPC (gloves and belt) to swap out during dungeons or trials.

5 piece clothing Lich always stays in same slot.(head chest shoulders legs feet)

doesnt have to be exactly like mine. Just easier when SPC and Olorime are swappable in same slot. 


General Info


Masters Resto staff grants 740 stam for every illustrious Heal (formerly healing springs) done to anyone in initial radius.

Maelstrom with RADIATING REGENERATION critical heals grant user 800 magicka per heal per player. Any regeneration heal works with maelstrom staff.

5 piece lich for recovery purposes

5 piece SPC in dungeons because dps never ever stack in dungeons.

5 piece Olorime to replace SPC in trials where people are required to stack.

no monster helm because I feel they suck for healers. I will trade being able to heal 1 single target in the group massively and would rather have great recovery and boosting groups dmg. Being able to heal without a helm will make you stand out and the recovery will prevent lack of heals. 


red frothgar

Max health 4935

magicka recovery 451


regular dropped will potions


Essence of Spell Crit

  • Major prophecy 2191 Spell Crit 36.6 seconds
  • major intellect 20% spell dmg 36.6 seconds
  • restore 7582 magicka
  • 20% mag recovery


The Ritual - healing done by 15%


Heavy attack(HA) before any and every heal to increase healing done.


Back Bar

Channeled Focus(resistance and recovery) - (HA) Extended Ritual - (HA)Radiating Regeneration(maelstrom staff regen) -

Front Bar

Radiant Aura(magicka steal for mag users)

Spam (HA)Illustrious Healing for stam recovery on dps and (HA) use 1 energy orb at a time(don't spam) as permitted by new update.


Ritual Rebirth is for when someone is off doin a mechanic or being a bird. Heal yourself and nearby allies. Heal 1 Target outside healing radius. Sometimes people need to run far for a mechanic and need a little extra help. Also a good "oh s#!?" button. Same with reviving barrier if healing is tough, and aggressive war horn when things are looking good.



Do this for every single heal, like the DPS weaving light attacks, heals and tanks weave heavy. You must cast your healing ability within 3 seconds of heavy attacking to receive increased healing done on the next heal done. Than you must re heavy attack to increase healing done again. 


Champion Point Tips




  • warlord 70


  • tenacity 100
  • arcanist 100



  • blessed 100
  • elfborn 100


  • staff expert 70



  • ironclad 23
  • spell shield 100


  • light armor 100
  • hardy 24
  • elementak defender 23




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