PvP Magplar “The Firefly”

Author: TheUndeadAmulet


Race: Altmer (High Elf)

Main Role: Damage

Health, Magicka, Stamina

20k + Around 35k Around 10k




Bar 1

Weapon 1: Dual Wield

Radiant Oppression

Templar Skill

Radiant Oppression

Radiant Destruction


Toppling Charge

Templar Skill

Toppling Charge

Focused Charge


Puncturing Sweep

Templar Skill

Puncturing Sweep

Puncturing Strikes



Mages Guild Skill




Vampire's Bane

Templar Skill

Vampire's Bane

Sun Fire


Ice Comet

Mages Guild Skill

Ice Comet



Bar 2

Weapon 2: Restoration Staff

Honor The Dead

Templar Skill

Honor The Dead

Rushed Ceremony


Extended Ritual

Templar Skill

Extended Ritual

Cleansing Ritual


Channeled Focus

Templar Skill

Channeled Focus

Rune Focus


Volcanic Rune

Mages Guild Skill

Volcanic Rune

Fire Rune


Rapid Regeneration

Restoration Staff Skill

Rapid Regeneration



Devouring Swarm

Vampire Skill

Devouring Swarm

Bat Swarm


Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
1 1 5


Gear and Item Set Info


Valkyn Skoria -

Head ( Light, Infused)

Shoulder (Medium, Impenetrable)

Kagrenac's Hope - All Heavy, Magicka Enchant on All

Chest (Infused)

Gauntlets (Inpenetrable)

Belt (Inpenetrable)

Greaves (Infused)

Boots (Inpenetrable)

Spinners Garments -

Necklace, Both Rings (Arcane with Spell Damage Enchant)

Dual Wield Swords - Both Sharpened, Any enchant or poison but Weapon and Spell Damage Enchant is Prefferable.

Restoration Staff - Powered, Any enchant or poison.


General Info


Food And/Or Drinks

This is made for CP Campaign so use tri-stat food so you have more stamina for break frees if you want but I prefer bi-stat.


Use immovable potions. Simple as that since you can already get Major Sorcery and Prophecy

Mundus Stone

I prefer the Thief just because you can run around between PVP and PVE and not have to constantly change Stones. Also helps with healing a bit. Apprentice and Mage are also decent options.


Our main bit of sustain is coming through the Constitution Passive and Channeled Focus. If you start to get low on magicka, just beam someone with the resto-staff once or twice and thanks to usefull Heavy Armor and Restoration Passives, you can get a pretty sizeable amount of magicka back. You can also get a decent amount of stamina with just dual wield heavy attacks.

Alternative Skills

You could run Healing Ward instead of Rapid Regeneration just for that "Oh shit" button, but i prefer the passive HoT. You could even run Elusive Mist if you want for that escape capability. If you don't like the inconsistancy of Meteor then use Dawnbreaker of Smiting.

Do I have to be a Vampire?

No, its just you lose out on a powerful AoE dot that also heals you in devouring swarm. You also lose the Supernatural Recovery and Undeath passives which can be quite helpful.

Do I have to be a High Elf?

No, but its the most effective race in Damage. You could go Breton instead and combine their Spell Resistance Passive with the Balanced Warrior Passive and get around 5k total extra spell resist. You could even go for an Argonian for extra Health and Healing.

General Combat Rotation

Throw out degeneration and Vampire's Bane on the target after buffing up with Channeled focus and Rapid Regen. Then toppling charge in then a couple sweeps should proc Valkyn Skoria. If the target is around 40% health then start Jesus beaming. Use Volcanic Rune if you get pressured and need some space. Extended Ritual + Honor the Dead = Massive Healing. Countinue the attack rotation. If they keep healing back up, hit them into the air with volcanic rune then immediatly follow up while they are in the air with a meteor.


Champion Point Tips



100 Elemental expert, 35 Elfborn, 35 Spell Erosion.


30 Thaumaturge


100 Magician


65 Arcanist, 35 Tenacity


25 Quick Recovery


75 Elemental Defender, 75 Hardy


25 Resistant


This isn't set, change this setup as much as you want.




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  • Tristan
    Mar 30, 2017

    I don’t understand why dual wield wouldn’t destruction staff be better for the dps?

    • TheUndeadAmulet
      Apr 5, 2017

      Actually, you get more spell damage if you have two dual wield weapons instead of a destruction staff. Also, it allows us to run the 5 piece spinners which increases our dps further. It is also easier to weave with dual wield.


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