The heavy proc set argonian hybrid magplar (feel the hate)

Author: Centurion AX


Race: Argonian

Main Role: Damage

Health, Magicka, Stamina

26-28K 0 points 38-40k 64 points 14-15k 0 points




Bar 1

Weapon 1: Dual Wield

Structured Entropy

Mages Guild Skill

Structured Entropy



Radiant Oppression

Templar Skill

Radiant Oppression

Radiant Destruction


Purifying Light

Templar Skill

Purifying Light



Puncturing Sweep

Templar Skill

Puncturing Sweep

Puncturing Strikes


Toppling Charge

Templar Skill

Toppling Charge

Focused Charge


Ice Comet

Mages Guild Skill

Ice Comet



Bar 2

Weapon 2: One Handed And Shield

Honor The Dead

Templar Skill

Honor The Dead

Rushed Ceremony


Channeled Focus

Templar Skill

Channeled Focus

Rune Focus


Ritual of Retribution

Templar Skill

Ritual of Retribution

Cleansing Ritual


Vampire's Bane

Templar Skill

Vampire's Bane

Sun Fire


Mist Form

Vampire Skill

Mist Form


Spell Wall

One Hand And Shield Skill

Spell Wall

Shield Wall


Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
2 0 5


Gear and Item Set Info


Ok i use 5 julianos 5 warlock 2 skoria or bloodspawn depends on the situation all max magica glyphes. Now everyone will say why you dont use lich? Bec. lich is recovery wich sets out if you use mist form lich gives arround 10k magica warlock is 9k but u get the full proc even in mist form. I runn 3 reinforced on the big peaces and inpen on the small ones. Front bar 2 swords nirnhouned or sharpend (2 spell dmg glyphe). Back bar sturdy shield and powerd sword. (stam return glyph on sword max magika on shield) Ring 1 spell dmg. Ring 2 recovery. Neck reduced magica cost.


General Info


I will go in every detail so take ur time.

You can do literally everything with this build in pvp from duelling to 1vX normal big and small group openworld and pvp support healer. Pve 4 man dungens are no problem as well as long as you not set yourself as dps.

If you switch your julianos shield or sword ont the back bar for one warlock sword or shield you are able to use a  julianos restoration staff on the frontbar and still proc warlock on the back bar, put bloodspawn or troll king on and you have a really powerful pvp healer.


Make sure you allways have your restoring focus up.

1. Vampires bane ( great dot snares, gives you more crit chance and 5% more spell dmg from the templar passieves.) Just put it on everyone you see bevore you go in.

2. Purifying light great skill can hit up to 11k dmg it copys the dmg wich the target gets by 27% i think, that means after you put that skill on someone u will hit really hard in the next 6 seconds it also heals nice after it ends.

3. Structured entropy this skill is amazing (fk rattlecage) its a small dot (400 per tick) it can proc skoria and it heals a little bit also, 8% max healt and 2% max mag and mag recovery. But most important are the 20% spelldmg and the next magica skill after it will hit 20% harder ( mages guild lvl 10 check the passives)

4. If your ultimate is ready drop your meteor ( you can use dawnbreaker as well but pls do it after you charged in XD)

4.1 If your ultimate is not ready toppling charge (stuns)

5. Light attack to get that 348 spell dmg from your weapon glyphe

6. Puncturing sweep. Your dots are on the ennemy you are fully buffed your meteor and your toppling charge are dropping in at the same time purifying light explodes if your enemy is not blocking or a 40k health tank he should be dead allready but to make sure start to jab the crab out of him.

6.1 Radiant oppression same like puncturing sweeps if your enemy under 20% healt beam him to death instead of jab him.

7. Tbag


COMBAT defensive ( there is not really a rotation you have to use what you have depending on your situation)

Again make sure your restoring focus is up 24/7

If you have a bit of time put a vampires bane on someone of the zerg who is chasing you it will buff your heals up and gives you ultimate.

And if you have even more time switch bars and use entrophy.

Situatin: you are about to get zerged down by 20 reds, this will help you out

1. Ritual of retribution

You have dots on you get them of if multiple enemys follow you put it down it snares them or they have to walk arround wich gives you time to run away. (8% stronger heals)

2. Honor the dead

best heal in the game. Fully buffed (entrophy vamp bane) on this build it can crit heal yourself or a frendly target up to 16k. You can spam it 20 times in a row on this build ( with potion at 60% magica) and if this skill procs it only costs 1000 magika OPOP

3. restoring focus

gives you tons of magica an resitences keep it up all the time (8% stronger  heals)

4. vampires bane

if you have time while running put it on the ennemys.

5. Mist form

if you get stuck in a zerg and you have to get out there use this skill. 75% damge reduction more movement speed and you cant get stunned in it. But wach your magica the recovery sets out in mistform. Do not use it if u are under 20% health or you will die. Just heal up and mist form away ( you can end it with block or dogeroll for perfect timing)

6. Block

Blocking on a s&b build is op if you are on low health just block and use honor the dead this will save you.

7. Dogeroll

since you are argonian and use 3 stat pots you have a lot of stamina wich you can use on dogerolls sometimes better than mistform. But dont spam it (4sec cooldown)

8. Spellwall

this ultimat is just to good to not use it if you are in trouble pop it and u will not die.

9. light and heavy attacks on back bar

you mistform arround a cornen and have a few secs bevore your the zerg arrives? Charge a heavy attack and get some stamina back and ultimat power for more spellwalls

10. Line of sight

Keep your eys open for trees rocks and towers

Mistforming (tree hug) aroun something increases your survive abilitys by 200% no joke. You can even tree hug other players, you get chased by 30 reds and you see 10 blues on your left run direkt with mistform into them they will not focus you because they see the zerg wich is chasing you.

11. Total damage negation mod

You have 5 meteor locks and 100 enmys on you? As long as you dont die in a split sec and you have time to react do this: you pop spell wall 1 dogeroll and then you go in mist form and check for a tree to hug. So you block and refleckt while having cc imunity and 75% damage reduction. Hell yea











Champion Point Tips


Im not sure what im using there and i cant check it at the moment .

It doesent matter really but:

The apprentice 

Blessed 20

Elfborn 30

Spell erosion 30

Elemental expert 45

The atronarch

Master at arms 35

Shattering blows 20

The ritual

Thaumaturge 40

The tower

Warlord 25

Sprinter 5

The lover

Arcanist 40

Mooncalf 20

Tenacity 15

The shadow

Befoul 5

Shade 5

Tumbling 35

Shadow ward 70

The steed

Ironclad 45

Spell shield 10

Resistant 40

The lady

Hardy 30

Elemental defender 35

Thick Skinned 30

The lord

Expert defender 13

Quick recovery 17















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  • Afl805
    Dec 28, 2017

    What type of Manderstone to use

  • TetsuRaven
    Jul 26, 2018

    Please can you tell me the weight on the crafted Julianos?


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