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In ESO there are Achievements for collecting a bunch of “trophy” items received (quite rarely) from killing certain enemies. These are things like the Chattering Skull, Petrified Spider Egg, Banekin Horn, Hand of Glory, etc. You can “use” these items and then they will be counted towards an Achievement. You will lose the item but it will be recorded in your Achievements. If you get all 10 items within a category you are awarded with a 10 Point Achievement.

This page is going to be updated in the future with all of the collectible items.


Achievement Description Dye Granted
Atronach Element Collector Collect souvenirs from all types of atronachs. Elemental White
Chitin Accumulator Collect souvenirs from all chitinous creatures of Tamriel. Mudcrab Maroon
Dwarven Secrets Gatherer Collect souvenirs from Dwemer constructs. Faded Dwemer Scholar Red
Monstrous Component Collector Collect souvenirs from all the monstrous creatures of Tamriel. Trolls Fur Brown
Nature Collector Collect souvenirs from nature spirits and natural creatures from across Tamriel. Spriggan Green
Oblivion Shard Gatherer Collect souvenirs from all types of slain Daedra. Oblivion Vermillion
Tamriel Beast Collector Collect souvenirs from all the beasts of Tamriel. Beast Collector Violet
Undead Hoarder Collect souvenirs from all the undead of Tamriel. Gangrene Green

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