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Does ESO Have Servers

Elder Scrolls OnlineĀ uses megaserver technology which means that there are not traditional servers, realms, shards or worlds to select. There are two megaservers – North America and Europe. The megaserver places everyone into different instances and places friends and Guild members together in the same instance.

You should always see other players around the place in busy cities. If you can’t see a friend try opening the friends interface, selecting their name and then select Travel To Player. This will allow you to travel to the closest Wayshrine to them and will place you in the same instance. If you still can’t see them it is likely that you or they have complete a quest nearby which changes the landscape / NPCs in the area.

The only place that ESO does use more traditional servers is in Cyrodiil. Cyrodiil has a number of Campaigns which act as servers and each of these has a population cap.

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