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Veteran Rank to Champion Rank Conversion

When Update 10 happens your Veteran Ranked characters will convert to Champion Ranked characters.

In this update you will also get some bonus CP based on your Vet Rank at a rate of 2.5CP per VR. This is just to reward people for getting Veteran Ranks before the change to CP.

In order to make sure that all characters can continue to wear gear for their Level with Veteran Ranks, the minimum CP for any character after this patch is 10 times their Veteran Rank. So a VR7 will have a minimum of 70CP after the patch.

The easiest way to describe the changes is with examples.

Example 1: Veteran Ranked 6 Character with 160 Champion Points

This character is above the minimum CP required (60 CP for VR6) so no change is needed here. This character also receives 15 (2.5 x 6) additional bonus CP for being Veteran Rank 6 at the time of transition.

This character ends up with 175 Champion Points and can now wear max Level gear which is CP160.

Example 2: Veteran Ranked 7 Character with 30 Champion Points

This character gets 17CP for being VR7 at the time of transition (2.5 x 7), however this puts the character at CP47 which is still below the conversion minimum of CP70 for VR7 characters. Therefore this character receives enough CP to be CP70.

This character ends up with 70 Champion Points and can now wear CP70 gear.

Example 3: Veteran Ranked 16 Character with 201 Champion Points

This character is well above the minimum of 160CP for VR16 so they just receive their 40 (2.5 x 16) bonus CP.

This character ends up with 241 Champion Points and can wear max Level gear which is CP160.

Additional Notes

  • The maximum Level of gear (VR16) becomes CP160. There is no gear higher than this yet.
  • If you end up with more than 160 CP than you can wear CP160 gear.
  • If you have 70 CP than you can wear up to CP70 gear, etc.
  • All materials, potions, food and drinks follow this pattern as well.
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One Comment

  • Dennis
    Jul 13, 2016

    How do I determine a second Veteran character’s rank?
    I had one vr16 character at the conversion. I now have a second Veteran character. They both show the same rank (330 or so) but when collecting leveled materials and gear the ex-vr16 character pulls 160 ruby-level raw materials and the newer vet gathers the 90-140 tier materials. That is a huge range. I cannot track my character’s progress other than guessing by how far he is in the Cadwell’s quests, then guessing how much thieves guild, Imperial city or Orsinium has been accomplished. I am confused — instead of progressing from level 49 to vr1 I went from level 49 to CP160 but am somewhere in between
    Any insight or guidance is appreciated Thank You


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