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What Is A Skill Morph

As you level your active abilities / skills in ESO they will eventually reach Rank 4. When a skill reaches Rank 4 you will have the option to “morph” that skill. In order to morph the skill select the icon next to the skill and then choose between the two different options. The two options will be slightly different and offer a chance to customise that particular skill in a certain way. When you morphs a skill you will consume a Skill Point.

Say I have just reached Rank 4 with Puncture from One Hand and Shield. I can choose to morph the skill to Ransack which provides my character with some extra Armor or Pierce Armor which reduces the Spell Resistance of the target. All active abilities can be morphed and this adds customization and choice to skill selection.

Morph Ability Skill

Morphing An Ability

You don’t HAVE to morph a skill, but it is usually worthwhile to do so.

Some Class Skills have a morph which makes the skill use Stamina and scale with Weapon Damage, Max Stamina and use Weapon Critical. These morphs were introduced to allow characters which mostly use Stamina to use some of the Class Skills as well as other Weapon Skills. You can see all of the Stamina morphs available by going to Class Skills and selecting the “Has Stamina Morph” box.

You can always change your morph choices later at the Skill Respec Shrines in your capital city – either Elden Root, Wayrest or Mournhold. You will have the option to get all of your Skill Points back or just reset the morphs that you have chosen. The Skill Respec Shrines cost 50 gold for each Skill Point that you have spent. You can also buy Skill Respec Scrolls on the Crown Store which will reset all of your Skill Points.

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  • Karen
    Nov 10, 2018

    Thank you. I wish all of the explanations I’ve found on different things were this clear and informative

  • franz
    Jun 10, 2019


  • Randy
    Jun 11, 2019

    Why would the Morph button be gray?

  • Yes
    Sep 28, 2019

    Is there a limit to how many times you can morph an ability/skill?

  • Stuntman
    Jan 8, 2020

    How do you see the skill morph options of a skill you don’t have yet?


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