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What Is Battle Level

Battle Level is a system in ESO designed to scale lower level players up to be competitive in PVP content and also some PVE content. Battle Level only effects Cyrodiil, Imperial City, Wrothgar (Orsinium) and Group Dungeons at this time. When you enter a scaled zone with Battle Level turned on your stats will scale up to average Veteran Rank 16 stats.

Max Health, Magicka, Stamina, all Regeneration, Armor and Spell Resistance all scale up. Spell Critical and Weapon Critical are not effected by Battle Level. The cost of abilities also scales up to be the same cost of VR 16 characters.

Battle Level does take into account gear enchants, set bonuses and your distribution of Attribute Points but it does not replicate the effects of Champion Points.

You can turn off Battle Level in Settings > Gameplay by switching Battle Level to Off. You can only do this switch outside of Cyrodiil, Imperial City, Wrothgar and Group Dungeons.

Group Dungeons

When you join a group via the Group Finder your Group Dungeon will be scaled to Veteran Rank 16. All members of the group will also scale up using Battle Level to VR 16. This occurs when using the Group Finder for non-Vet and Veteran Group Dungeons.

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  • matt 79
    Oct 5, 2015

    This battle lvl option I do not agree with most people just know about and when it’s turn on players can almost not be killed that’s my first reason, secondly, a lvl 10 neb which hasn’t played the but for 1 day will now be equal to someone that’s put put countless hour of hard work into this game to get the best armor and best stats and will be equal to or more powerful than me cause I turn it off this is something that is imperative ESO must take this off I think its much more that giving everyone 200 more Health. Eric come on really really not good please fix ESO.

    • Steve
      Nov 25, 2015

      A level 10 batte leveled is still not going to understand the game how you do. You’re still going to beat him. Afraid of a little challenge sometimes? Seriously quit being a sissy.

      • Shaun
        Feb 15, 2016

        Maybe if this is your first character you wouldn’t understand the game and how it
        works.I have a vet 16 and a non vet 15. I compare the stats and the non vet 15
        character has higher stats in everything, much higher. The only thing my vet 16 is
        good for is to play in areas that I have passes all the quest in. I put in hours building
        my vet 16 to find that in a weekend I could have made a much stronger character.
        Don’t waste your time building up a character. If you have a ESO Plus membership
        cancel it because you don’t want the bonus of leveling faster. Everything you need
        will be handed to you. I agree with Matt79 this needs to be fixed .Steve you can
        keep playing flag football, play slow pitch baseball, and keep the bumpers up
        when you bowl and tell yourself that’s a challenge. Stay weak if that’s all you can
        be. I think things should be earned and not handed to you because your not
        willing to put in the effort to be the best.


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