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Where Should I Put My Attribute Points

Where you choose to place your Attribute Points is a decision which might change based on your Level, role and the direction that you want to take your character. Attribute Points can be placed into Health, Magicka or Stamina and you can choose to put them all into one or spread them around between two or three.

There are a number of aspects which could change the way you spend your Points.

Your Level

You get 1 Attribute Point per Level, so obviously you will have much more to spend when you are a higher Level. At first from Level 1 – 40 it doesn’t really matter that much where you choose to spend your Points. When you get to Level 40ish you might have a better idea of the kind of role that your character is going to perform. You might be a heavy Magicka user or a heavy Stamina user, or maybe you are a tank and need lots of Health.

When you get into the Veteran Ranks content gets harder, especially Veteran Group Dungeons, so you might need to be more careful when assigning Attribute Points. You can reset your Points at any time for a gold fee at the shrines located in your capital city.

Your Role

The role that your character chooses often determines where your Attribute Points should be spent. Health is good for all roles but especially for characters which need to survive or soak up lots of damage. Magicka is good for Magicka heavy users as this will increase your Magicka pool and also the damage done with Magicka abilities. Stamina is great for users of Stamina and also to block, run, roll dodge and break free of control effects.

You should note that having a high enough Max Health is important for harder content.

Your Gear

You can also increase your stats by enchanting your gear. A conventional idea is to spend your Attribute Points into Health and then use gear to make up another stat of your choice. You can also go the other way around and use Attribute Points to supplement gaps in your gear. Ideally your gear and your Attribute Points work together to provide you with enough Health and enough Magicka and / or Stamina.


  • A common problem for characters new to Group Dungeons and Veteran Group Dungeons is a lack of Health. You need lots of Health just to survive some of the harder hitting bosses and enemies. You can always reset your Points if you need to make up a short fall of Health.
  • Max Magicka not only increases the amount of Magicka abilities you can cast but it also increases the damage of those Magicka abilities.
  • Max Stamina not only increases the amount of Stamina abilities you can use but it also increases the damage of those Stamina abilities. Stamina is also used for blocking, dodging, running, sneaking and breaking free of control effects.
  • There is OLD INFORMATION which suggests that you get better value when you invest Attributes into Health compared to when you use gear to increase Health. This is NO LONGER TRUE because Health from Attributes and Health from gear is provided at the same ratio!
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  • coolzen0
    Aug 22, 2016

    I read somewhere that it was better not to have too much Health in order to not exhaust the healer and instead bet everything on the resistance. Is it true ?
    What would be the minimum of Health to have as a tank and what would be the minimum of life to have a different role please?
    Thank you in advance 🙂


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