Health, Magicka, Stamina

Your Max Health, Max Magicka and Max Stamina are the basic stats in ESO which are used in combat.

Attributes Health Magicka Stamina

Attributes Health Magicka Stamina


Max Health

Max Health determines how much Health you have in total. When you run out of Health, you die.

Max Health is shown by a red bar.


Max Magicka

Max Magicka determines how much Magicka abilities you can cast and also increases the damage or healing of those abilities.

Max Magicka is shown with a blue bar.

Note: Max Magicka does not effect your Spell Damage stat at all. It does effect the actual damage of your Magicka abilities.


Max Stamina

Max Stamina determines how many Stamina abilities you can cast, how much you can block, you many times you can roll dodge and break free, how long you can sprint and also increases the damage of your Stamina abilities.

Max Stamina is shown with a green bar.

Note: Max Stamina does not effect your Weapon Damage stat at all. It does effect the actual damage of your Stamina abilities.


Increase Your Max Stats

There are lots of ways to increase your Max Health, Magicka and Stamina.

Attribute Points

1 Attribute Point is 122 Health or 111 Magicka / Stamina.

You get 1 Attribute Point each time that you increase your Level. You can spend your Attribute Points in the Character Interface. You also get some bonus Attribute Points for milestone Levels.

  • You will receive 2 Points every Level that ends in a 5.
  • You will receive 3 Points every Level that ends in a 10.

Gear Enchants

You can enchant your armor for increased Max Health, Magicka or Stamina. It’s important to note that the head, chest and legs slots provide the most benefit, or 100% of the enchant value, and the smaller slots (shoulders, hands, waist, feet) provide only 40% of the enchant value.

You can buy armor glyphs (enchants) from Enchanter NPCs in most towns, make them yourself, or buy them from other players. The quality of the enchant will effect the value of the increased Max Health, Magicka or Stamina.

The Infused Trait on an item will increase the value of the enchant glyph by a certain percentage. When you increase the quality of that item, the value of Infused Trait also increases thus increasing the value of the enchant even further.

White (Normal) Infused = +8% Enchant Value

Green (Fine) Infused = +11% Enchant Value

Blue (Superior) Infused = +14% Enchant Value

Purple (Epic) Infused = +17% Enchant Value

Gold (Legendary) Infused = +20% Enchant Value

Jewelry Traits

Traits of jewelry can be either Healthy, Arcane or Robust. You can’t craft jewelry, so it’s just luck whether the Trait on an item of jewelry is what you are looking for.

Healthy = Max Health

Arcane = Max Magicka

Robust = Max Stamina

Item Sets

There are lots of item sets which grant bonuses to your Max Health, Magicka or Stamina based on how many items from the set you are wearing. There are also several crafted sets which you can make in order to increase your stats. Visit the Item Sets page for more information about all of the sets in ESO.


Some abilities may increase your Health, Magicka or Stamina temporarily like the examples below.

Health Magicka Stamina Structured Entropy (Health)

Health Magicka Stamina Inner Light (Magicka)

Health Magicka Stamina War Horn (All)

Mundus Stones

Mundus Stones can provide bonuses to your stats, but you can only activate one at a time.

Visit Mundus Stones for more information.

Health Magicka Stamina The Lord = Max Health

Health Magicka StaminaThe Mage = Max Magicka

Health Magicka Stamina The Tower = Max Stamina


In ESO food grants a temporary buff to your Max Health, Magicka or Stamina.

You can make the food yourself with Provisioning, or buy it from other players. You can also buy or find some lower quality food from vendors and in containers around Tamriel.

Visit Recipes for more information on all the food in ESO.

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    What are the beginning values for a nord dragonknight?
    Weapon DMG & crit
    Spell penetration, resist, crit & damage
    Physical penetration & resist
    Crit resist
    Health, mag, and stamina
    Health, mag and stam regen


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