Master Weapons

Master Weapons or Ability Altering Weapons are prized rewards from the Dragonstar Arena, the Veteran Mode Serpent Trial or as a PVP Leader Board reward. Master Weapons have a special enchantment on them which alters or enhances an ability fromĀ a Weapon Skill Line. These rewards are quite rare and will come in either blue or purple quality and can be improved to gold quality. The traits on these weapons are random.

Master Weapons are “bind on pickup” which means that they can’t be sold to other players.

All of the Weapon Skill Lines have a Master Weapon. Please note that the actual values of the enchants, such as additional damage, may not be accurate as these weapons are difficult to find and will vary by level and quality. The values here were recorded before Patch 1.6 and so the actual numbers may have changed slightly.


Master 2 Handed Sword

Cleave and morphs hit for 600 additional damage. While the sword is equipped gain 160 Weapon Damage.


Master 1 Handed Sword

Puncture and morphs heal for 2000.


Master Dual Wield Daggers

Twin Slashes and morphs deals 270 more damage per tick and while a the dagger is equipped gain 100 Weapon Damage.


Master Bow

Weapon Damage against targets effected by your Poison Arrow and morphs is increased by 300. While the bow is equipped Max Stamina is increased by 900.


Master Destruction Staff – Flame, Frost, Lightning

Destructive Touch and morphs deals 900 additional damage and costs 12% less. Max Magicka is increased by 900 while the staff is equipped.


Master Restoration Staff

The first tick of Grand Healing and morphs grants allies 250 Stamina. Max Magicka is increased by 900 while the staff is equipped.


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