Changes to ESO Payment Model

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Buy To Play

The Elder Scrolls Online is moving to a “buy-to-play” payment model after March 17th 2015, meaning that customers can now play ESO for free once they have purchased the game and created an account. No subscription will be required. A subscription option will exist, however, and this is called ESO Plus.

ESO Plus

ESO Plus is the same price as the current subscription plans ($14.99 / Month) and will offer various bonuses.

  • Free Game Pack Downloads (DLC) – These are like expansions and may include new zones and quests. Wrothgar Zone is expected to be the first of these Game Packs.
  • 10% Increased Experience Gain
  • 10% Increased Gold Gain (From Drops)
  • 10% Increased Crafting Experience
  • 10% Reduced Research Times
  • 1500 Crowns / Month – These can be spent in the Crown Store.

Crown Store

The Crown Store is the new ESO Shop which will sell in-game items such as costumes, mounts and Game Packs for Crowns. Crowns are purchased in packs with real-world currency and/ or received each month with an ESO Plus subscription. If you purchase the game, or have already purchased the game, you will receive 500 starting Crowns. Returning players and current players will receive 100 Crowns for every month they were subscribed previously.

The developers of ESO have stated that “all items in the Crown Store are completely optional and are meant to enhance your game play experience, they are not required to play or compete in the game” and that the Crown Store will offer “convenience and customization items for your characters as well as services and content” but not items which will increase a players effectiveness in combat or leveling. ZOS have stated that they do not want to create a “pay-to-win” model where players must spend real-world currency on items in order to compete in the game.

The Crown Store is going to open with items such as costumes and mounts. The following has been seen in a video release by ZOS.

Prices from the PTS:

  • Starter Pack: 1500 Crowns
    (20 Magicka, Stamina and Health Potions (Scale to Level), 1 Horse, 1 Hound Pet)
  • Soul Gems Pack: 400 Crowns
    (10 Grand Soul Gems)
  • Repair Kit Pack: 400 Crowns
    (10 Grand Repair Kits)
  • Imperial Edition: 2100 Crowns
    (Full Imperial Edition: Imperial Race, Convert to Imperial Racial Style, Rings or Mara)
  • Pets: 400 Crowns
  • Guar Mounts: 1300 Crowns
  • Horse Mounts: 900 Crowns
  • Costume Packs: 700 Crowns
  • Individual Costumes: 400 Crowns
  • Jester and Wedding Dress: 700 Crowns
  • Draugr: 1000 Crowns
  • HOUSECAT: 400 Crowns


  • Banded Guar Charger
  • Tessellated Guar
  • Dappled Gray Palfrey Horse
  • White Mane Horse
  • Piebald Destrier Horse


  • Alik’r Dune Hound
  • Striped Senche-Panther
  • Striated Pony Guar


  • Blacksmith Costume
  • Chef Costume
  • Stealthy Rogues Costume Pack
  • Woodland Scouts Costume Pack
  • Draugr Polymorph
  • Royal Court Jester Costume
  • Tribal Shamans Costume Pack
  • Armored Knights Costume Pack
  • Red and Maroon Dress Costume


See here for all of the pricing information!

See the episode of ESO Live below for the source of this information.


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