Dark Brotherhood Release Date And PTS

  No Comments   April 26, 2016

The Dark Brotherhood DLC is now available on the Public Test Server.

The DLC will launch on the live servers for PC/Mac on May 31.

XBox One and PS4 will get the DLC on June 14.

The Dark Brotherhood will cost 2,000 Crowns or an active ESO Plus subscription.

Blood will flow. A guild of assassins rises to power in Tamriel, and your murderous talents make you a prime recruit. For the first time in The Elder Scrolls Online, join the Dark Brotherhood and carve your own destiny in their bloody future. Read on for full details including pricing, release dates, and DLC game pack and base-game patch features.


The Dark Brotherhood is looking for a few good killers. Explore the Gold Coast and discover if you have what it takes to join the ranks of Tamriel’s master assassins in the Dark Brotherhood DLC game pack. From the port city of Anvil to the Great Cathedral of Kvatch, the business of the Brotherhood consists of murder and mayhem—and business is good! Join the Brotherhood, enter the Sanctuary, and accept your first contract from the mysterious Speaker. Kill well, assassin!

The original launch details come from this article on the ESO site.

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