Elder Scrolls Online Console Beta

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The long anticipated console beta has arrived for Elder Scrolls Online! There will only be one beta, so this is it before console launch on June 9th. In order to participate in this beat you must either receive an invitation via email or use a code that another person has given to you from their own invitation. You also will not be able to play on existing characters as these will not transfer until launch day on June 9th. The characters that you start during the beta will also be wiped before launch – so don’t get too attached to them!

Console Beta Dates and Times



Thursday April 23





Monday April 27




There is no non-disclosure agreement in place so expect to see a lot of screenshots, videos and live streaming around the place.

There are two megaservers for each console – XBox One and PS4 – one in North America and one in Europe. You can choose which one to use when you first begin the game.

Note: The game is very large – around 60GB in total – so it is wise to start downloading as soon as possible!


Changes From PC To Console

There is a bunch changing for the console version to cater for controllers and the lack of a keyboard and mouse. Here is some of them.

  • New UI – it looks much more like Skyrim and so far looks pretty cool! There is a bunch of helpful improvements like categories for items so you don’t have to go scrolling down a huge list to find your sword.
  • No Chat Box – this may come in the future for players who do use a keyboard as well.
  • Voice Proximity Chat – you can hear and speak to players close to you.
  • New / Better Group Finder
  • No AddOns

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