ESO Live Q&A July 2015

  No Comments   August 1, 2015

On ESO Live this week ZOS did a little Q&A and answered questions from the community. A lot of questions related to the release of the Imperial City on the Public Test Server.

You can watch ESO Live over here on Twitch.

Coming Soon

  • ZOS are working hard on stability and performance and they realize that there were several crashing problems in the PTS. They also appreciate everyone who is testing and submitting feedback on the PTS. They will not be able to address every concern before August 31 – when Update 7 goes live to PC/Mac – but they will attempt to fix all of the major concerns, bugs and crashes.
  • Camels will be available as mounts in the future.
Camel Mounts ESO

Yay – Camel Mounts.

  • All of the Group Dungeons will have Veteran versions in the future – it is a long term plan.
  • Some interface improvements are on the way including name plates, buff and debuff trackers and subtitles. All of these might not make it to the live serves in full, it remains to be seen how these are implemented. Some interface changes are already on the developer servers – so these things might not be that far away.
  • The Racial Passive changes introduced in Update 7 are being tweaked a little, which a lot of players have been asking for. Nord’s Max Health will be further increased to 9%, Argonian’s Max Health will be further increased to 6% and healing recieved will be increased to 9%. The changes to Altmer and Bosmer are being reverted – this means that Atmer’s Magicka Regen will go back to 3/6/9% for Spellcharge and Bosmer’s Stamina Regen will go back to 1/2/3% for Resist Affliction.
  • It looks like the Sigil of Imperial Retreat – a portal stone purchased in the Imperial City – will be able to be purchased with Alliance Points as well as Tel Var Stones.
  • ZOS are also looking for way to balance the power gap created with the Champion System. They mentioned things like Champion Point Seasons which would cap the amount of CP earned within a certain period.
  • The Glass Motif will be coming to the Crown Store in the future.

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