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It was only a short segment during the Bethesda E3 event for Elder Scrolls Online confirming the release this year of Imperial City, Orsinium and perhaps the Dark Brotherhood.

Watch The ESO E3 Trailer

Take a look at the video release right here.

Imperial City

The video at E3 showed game footage of the Imperial City, confirming its release some time later in 2015.

The Imperial City is expected to be a kind of hybrid PVP and PVE area in the center of Cyrodiil with several different sections for different activities. The three Alliances can fight and take control of different sections and fight off hordes of daedra and other enemies to gain rich rewards. A few new item sets are also planned to be release with the Imperial City which may be crafted in special locations within.

Data Mining has revealed the section names of the Imperial City as folllows.

  • Market District
  • Arena District
  • Arboretum District
  • Temple District
  • Noble District (Talos Plaza in Oblivion)
  • Elven Gardens District

Of those sections, only three can be controlled by an Alliance. Controlling a section gives that Alliance the ability to respawn there, access to an armory of that section (which might control access to the crafting locations of the new item sets) and a special buff for members of that Alliance.

Imperial City Estate ESO

Data Mining has also revealed some of these buffs as follows.

  • Akatosh. Grants increased Weapon Power on all Dual Wield attacks for the blessed and nearby group members.
  • Arkay. Grants reduced cost to CC Break when wielding 2 Handed weapons for the blessed and nearby group members.
  • Mara. Grants increased range to Restoration Abilities for the blessed and nearby group members.
  • Stendarr. Grants increased Stamina Regeneration while wielding a shield for the blessed and nearby group members.
  • Julianos. Grants increased range on all Destruction Staff attacks for the blessed and nearby group members.
  • Kynareth. Grants increased range on all Bow attacks for the blessed and nearby group members.

At the moment thought it is unclear how these buffs will work precisely.

It’s also been revealed that a new style of armor might be release with the Imperial City called¬†Xivkyn, or Imperial Daedric.


Orsinium was also shown and will likely be an entire new zone and possibly the first DLC zone to be released for ESO.

With Orsinum (which might actually be in a zone called Wrothgar) there is expected to be several new items released such as new item sets, quests, dungeons and possibly Trials. Orsinum is expected to be paid DLC.

Dark Brotherhood

At the end of the E3 ESO video the “We Know” letter, famous from the Dark Brotherhood, was shown which leaves the possibility of the arrival of the Dark Bortherhood to ESO in the coming year.

The Dark Brotherhood is most likely going to be an NPC guild like the Fighter’s and Mage’s Guilds already in ESO. The Dark Brotherhood is also expected to tie in the with Justice System released earlier in 2015.

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