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On June 29 patch 2.0.13 was applied to Elder Scrolls Online. This patch fixed numerous bugs, improved audio and introduced scaled consumables.

Scaled Consumables

This change allows for consumables like potions to scale to your battle level (the increased stats you get in Cyrodiil) and be more effective in PVP.

The following is taken from the patch notes.

In order for lower-level player characters to have a better chance of survival in Cyrodiil, we’re introducing a way for items to scale their Health or buff based on whether or not you are battle leveled. The battle leveling system applies when you enter Cyrodiil. When you enter a campaign in Cyrodiil, regardless of whether that campaign is Veteran or non-Veteran, you are always treated as level 50 at a minimum. If you go to Cyrodiil at level 10, for example, you will be battle leveled to 50; your potions will be battle leveled too, and heal as though they were level 50 potions.If you level up while in Cyrodill, you would technically be level 11, but still effectively level 50 through battle leveling. Your potions would still heal as though they were level 50 potions. If you gain enough experience to make it to level 20 (hitting the next level bracket), you would still be battle leveled to 50. However, your potions would then be ten levels out of date and become slightly less effective as you move into the next level bracket. Rather than healing you as though they were level 50 potions, they would heal you at a reduced rate – still decent, but not as good as a level 20 potion.

So this change is basically making potions more effective for battle leveled players in Cyrodiil. Previously potions would not really help at all because a level 10 potion would have negligible impact on a level 50 battle leveled player. Players who are not battle leveled are not really effected by this change.

New Creative Director

In other ESO news it has been revealed that the Creative Director, Paul Sage, has left ZOS and is being replaced by Rich Lambert. Previously Rich Lambert oversaw all content in the game as Lead Content Designer and worked on The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

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