ESO News December – Siege Changes, CP Free PVP, Future Dueling / Arenas

  One Comment   December 5, 2015

Take a look at some of the future changes heading to ESO some time next year. This information comes from some developer forum posts and also the latest episode of ESO Live. These changes will most likely arrive with the release of a DLC like the Theives Guild or Dark Brotherhhood but will not require the DLC.

Siege Weapons Changes

In the next major update ZOS will be adjusting damage and other effects from PVP siege weapons and equipment. This will go in conjunction with other changes regarding repair kits and keep upgrades, but the changes noted here are specific to player effects like damage, snares and damage over time effects.

These changes are currently being tested internally and may change before they go to PTS/Live.

  • The damage for all siege weapons has been increased roughly 30%, but this may increase further.
  • All of the snare effects have been normalized on all siege weapons that apply that debuff (Ice Treb, Lightning Ballista, Oil Catapult) to be a 50% snare, and last 6 seconds.
  • All of the side effects from siege weapons, like snares and healing taken reduction, are no longer removable¬†using Purge (Alliance War Skill) or Purify (Templar Skill Synergy). You will still be able to remove the damage over time effects from Fire Ballista and Fire Trebuchets.
  • Oil Catapults will now also have a “Stamina Damage” value added, which takes away roughly 5000 Stamina from enemy targets.
  • Lightning Ballista will now also have a “Magicka Damage” value added, which takes away roughly 5000 Magicka from enemy targets.
  • Ballista now turn faster and have their “scatter” variable removed, making them 100% accurate to your aimed location.
  • Scattershot Catapult will now add 20% damage, instead of 10% damage, taken from other siege weapons.
  • Meatbag Catapult may have its healing reduction effect lowered to -50% from -75%.

Champion Point Free PVP

During ESO Live it was mentioned that ZOS do have plans to introduce at least one CP free Vet PVP Campaign where the effects of all Champion Points are removed.

All non-Vet Campaigns will have the effects of CP removed as well, to provide a better level playing field.

Cyrodiil Vendors

Twice a week a special NPC vendor will arrive in Cyrodiil to sell Undaunted gear (not sure if this includes Monster Masks though) for gold and Alliance Points.

At the moment ZOS is discussing whether these items will be bind-on-pickup or bind-on-equip. The introduction of these vendors is expected to be with the Thieves Guild DLC in early 2016. You won’t need the DLC to access these vendors, however.


We know that some form of dueling will come to ESO in the future. We don’t quite know what form this will take, however. It has been suggested that the PVP aspect of the Justice System will be implemented at some point (maybe with the Thieves Guild or Dark Brotherhood DLC) and this would allow player verses player dueling.


This is another hot topic and a feature which has been widely requested. On ESO Live it was mentioned that Arenas are now officially on the development schedule. Don’t expect arenas any time soon, however, with the earliest chance for release set for late 2016.

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  • Ryan
    Dec 10, 2015

    Damn Champion Points were the only thing giving me a leg up in non-Vet campaigns. It’s hard to do damage at all in there so I hope they fix that.


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