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On March 17 2015 ZOS officially released Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited – which brings in a new era for ESO. Tamriel Unlimited is basically a second launch of ESO which brings the change to B2P (Buy-To-Play) and the release of the Crown Store (Cash Shop). This is a big change and ZOS hopes to attract more players which previously didn’t want to pay or could not afford a monthly subscription.

There has been a lot of speculation about going B2P with more players expected to join ESO in the coming months. This will hopefully mean a better economy with more buyers and sellers, more people to group with and perhaps increased competition in Cyrodiil. Some people also suspect that the new players arriving after March 17 will impact performance, mainly in Cyrodiil, and lead to increased lag and decreased stability. Only time will tell!


Prepare For Tamriel Unlimited

There isn’t a lot to do in order to be fully prepared for the change to Tamriel Unlimited, just some quick reminders.



You should be aware of your subscription, if you have one, and ensure that if you plan to cancel that you do so right away to ensure that you don’t incur any unwanted subscription time after March 17. If you have an automatic renewal then this will carry over into Tamriel Unlimited and you will be subscribed to ESO Plus. If you subscribe to ESO Plus you will receive 1500 Crowns every month and have a 10% increase to all EXP gains. You will also loot 10% more gold from enemies and have access to any DLC such as new zones while you are subscribed.

If you cancel your subscription after March 17 you can continue to play ESO. You will have to pay for any future DLC such as new zones and these will be a one time purchase. You can also continue to purchase Crown Packs with real world currency to spend in the Crown Store.


If you have purchased the game at any time you are now eligible to come and join ESO! Welcome to Tamriel again!



As a part of Tamriel Unlimited and the change to B2P ZOS are launching the Crown Store which will function as a cash shop. You can purchase Crown Packs for real world currency after March 17 and use these Crowns in the game to purchase things from the Crown Store. Mounts, costumes, potions and soul gems are all available on the Crown Store. It is also expected that EXP boosters or potions will be available in the future.

As soon as March 17 comes around be prepared to see players on new guar mounts, in wedding dresses and various other costumes.

If you have subscribed to ESO in the past you will automatically start with 100 Crowns for each month subscribed plus 500 Crowns for the original purchase of the game. You will also receive 1500 Crowns if you are subscribed when the change to Tamriel Unlimited takes place on March 17.

Check the Crown Store page for more info and a list of items available!

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