Future Of PVP Early 2016

  One Comment   January 6, 2016

I just thought that I would compile a list of changes to PVP which are expected in 2016. These come from the forums and ESO Live, mostly from Brian Wheeler, the Lead PVP Designer for ESO.

Forward Camps

Forward Camps are returning, new and improved, in 2016.

As many of you may know, Forward Camps used to exist in Cyrodiil and allowed players of an Alliance to spawn outside of keeps. They were sold by Siege Merchants for Alliance Points and could be placed in Cyrodiil away from keeps. Once placed they would be available for anyone in your Alliance to spawn at. They could be destroyed by members of opposing Alliances.

Forward Camps were removed about a year ago. They were removed because of two main reasons. They created an unexpected┬átheme in PVP where dying was sometimes meaningless and huge swathes of players would throw themselves at each other backed up by a seemingly endless supply of Forward Camps behind the lines. Also, transportation around Cyrodiil relied on Forward Camps and “blood porting” entire groups around the map was easily possible. The second main reason was Forward Camp “spamming” by “spies” from opposing Alliances. This would occur when players from other Alliances would log in to a character on a different Alliance to their main and place Forward Camps in unhelpful locations. This would then create an area in which no other Forward Camps could be placed, thus helping the opposing Alliance. Just take a look at the image below. Those circles indicates areas which you can’t place a Forward Camp.

Forward Camps ESO

Anyway, all of this is context to the notion that ZOS plans to reinstate Forward Camps in 2016! They will have a smaller radius than previously and also players who die in that radius will be the only players allowed to respawn at the Forward Camp.

Siege Damage Changes

This was announced a while ago now, as you can read about over here, but ZOS plans to take a look at Siege Equipment again in 2016 and make adjustments accordingly.

Campaign Assignment

ZOS plans to address changing Campaigns and allow players with multiple character on different Alliances to get into PVP a little easier. You will be able to un-assign you Home and Guest Campaigns (with cool downs) as well.

Alliance Points

ZOS want to bring in more things to spend Alliance Points on, thus making them more valuable and encouraging PVP again. They will also increase the level of the current sets to VR16, which has long been awaited. We already know of the Undaunted Sets Merchant which will arrive in Cyrodiil with the Thives Guild DLC.

One Comment

  • Darth Akatosh
    Jan 11, 2016

    The ability to un-assign a campaign is huge, really. Not just re-assign, but to take a particular character out of the AvA war entirely. I don’t understand why they thought that shouldn’t be available in the first place.


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