Future PVP Cyrodiil Changes

  2 Comments   June 17, 2015

On the Official Forums Brian Wheeler, the lead PVP developer for ESO, gave an update on some future changes which might be implemented in order to further balance and change PVP.

You can check out the original thread over here.

The big news is basically the planned removal of the Emperor Skill Line after you are deposed as Emperor, the removal of the ability to Travel To Player in Cyrodiil, the removal of PVP buffs being applied in PVE, the strengthening of the Elder Scroll Gates, the introduction of Battle Level for Veteran Rank characters and changes to Campaign assignment.

Changes To Emperor

You will no longer receive the “former Emperor” buffs if you have a character which has previously been crowned as Emperor. Instead you will have access to all of the Emperor buffs in full while you are actively the Emperor of a Campaign. If you have spent Skill Points in the Emperor Skill Line then you will be refunded these points to assign elsewhere.

Travel To Player

At the moment you can click on a friend of guild member in Cyrodiil and select Travel To Player and join them in whatever Cyrodiil Campaign that they are in. This is being disabled. You will now be restricted to your Home and Guest Campaigns which can be reassigned by spending Alliance Points.

  • To change a Home Campaign it will cost 150,000 Alliance Points.
  • To change a Home Campaign after the Campaign has finished will cost only 100 Alliance Points.
  • To change a Guest Campaign it will cost 15,000 Alliance Points.

PVP Buffs Changes

PVP buffs are the buffs that are granted when your Alliance has control of certain things in your Home Cyrodiil Campaign. These currently are also applied in PVE and other areas but in the future these will be restricted to Cyrodiil. This means that while you are in your Home Campaign you will receive the PVP buffs that your Alliance has earned but you will lose them when you travel outside of Cyrodiil. This is another attempt to remove the “buff servers” which currently takes place on some Campaigns.

Elder Scroll Gates

The Gates which lead to the Elder Scroll Temples of each Alliance are being strengthened (fixed) to prevent players getting over them when they are closed. The Temples themselves are also receiving a protective barrier when the Gates are closed to prevent any players who have managed to get through the closed Gates attacking the Scroll.

Battle Level

Veteran Ranks are getting the Battle Level system. This means that you can choose to scale your character up to roughly VR14 stats in medium quality gear if you want to. This is an attempt to further balance Cyrodiil for Veteran Ranked characters.

Tweaks And Changes

ZOS has been working to improve the stability of the Cyrodiil servers and are looking into ways to reduce lag due to large volumes of simultaneous abilities. The Campaigns are also being tweaked to allow different scoring systems on the different Campaigns.


These changes are all yet to be implemented and so are subject to change before the actual patch.


  • Lucas
    Sep 23, 2015

    These changes suck before you could build however you wanted and you could do at least ok in pvp. But now assassin like burst players can’t do a thing. Also what’s the deal with making vr 1 to 13 better than 16 they have like an unreal am out of Health I looked at my brothers 13 character and he wasn’t spect into Health at all.and he was at 40k they need to fix this or I’m just gonna quit playing.

  • Trevor
    Oct 31, 2015

    PvP has gone from bad to worse. The buffs you put on lower lvl charters is retarded. Vr16 should be able to wrck house but instead you put 2 vr16 vs 2 vr 12 and the 12’s will win 90% of the time.


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