How To Get Item Sets With Update 12

  10 Comments   September 7, 2016

Update 12 hits the live servers for PC/Mac on October 5 and XBox and PS4 get it on October 18. With it comes One Tamriel, one-on-one dueling, Weapon Ultimates and a bunch of changes to the way that you obtain item sets.

There are now several different types of sets including crafted sets, world (overland) sets, dungeon sets, Trial sets, arena sets, Monster Masks and PVP sets.

To view all of the sets and find out where they come from visit the Item Sets page.


Crafted Sets

Sets that are crafted by players don’t change at all with Update 12. In fact, there are no new crafted sets because there is no new DLC zone.


World (Overland) Sets

These are sets which drop in a specific zone of Tamriel. There are generally three different sets to a regular zone, one with light armor, one with medium armor and one with heavy armor. To get a full set, however, you’ll need to do different things.

  • All mobs in the zone have a chance at dropping a green, blue or purple set item from one of the three sets of that zone. The higher your level, the higher the chance of getting a blue or purple quality item.
  • Delve Bosses have an increased chance to drop waist or feet slot items.
  • World Bosses have a 100% chance to drop a head, chest, legs or weapon slot item.
  • Public Dungeon Bosses have a high chance of dropping a shoulder, hand or weapon slot item.
  • Dolmens have a chance to drop jewelry items.
  • Treasure Map Chests have a chance to drop jewelry items.

All sets which drop in the overland (which includes the zone, its Delves and World Bosses) are bind-on-equip and can be traded.


Dungeon Sets

Sets which drop in Group Dungeons are all now bind-on-pickup and can only be traded with your group members before you exit the dungeon.

  • Mini Bosses will drop either hand, waist or feet slot items.
  • Bosses will drop head, chest, shoulder or leg slot items.
  • The final Boss of the Group Dungeon will drop weapons and jewelry set pieces.
  • Normal Mode Dungeons drop blue quality items.
  • Veteran Mode Dungeons drop purple quality items.


Monster Masks / Shoulders

Monsters Masks and Shoulders are obtained through Veteran Mode Group Dungeons and Undaunted Pledges. These sets are made up of two items only, one head piece and one shoulder piece.

Monster Masks (Head Slot) will always drop from the final boss in a Veteran Mode Group Dungeon.

Monster Shoulders (Shoulder Slot) are only obtained through the Undaunted Pledge Chests. You can earn keys to these chests by completing daily Undaunted Pledges. You will always receive a Monster Shoulder with each chest.


Trials Sets

Sets that drop in Trials are also bind-on-pickup and can’t be traded with other players.

  • Normal Mode Trials drop blue quality items.
  • Veteran Mode Trials drop purple quality items.
  • The final boss on Veteran Mode will drop gold quality jewelry.


Arena Sets

These sets either drop in, or are rewards of, Dragonstar Arena or Maelstrom Arena.

  • Normal Mode drops blue quality items.
  • Veteran Mode drops purple quality items.


PVP Sets

There are a few different types of PVP sets with different way to obtain them.

Rewards for the Worthy

Rewards for the Worthy are mails that are automatically sent to your character for participating in PVP and gaining Alliance Points. There are a few sets which could be included with these mails.

Cyrodiil Vendors

The Cyrodiil Gear Vendors will continue to sell boxes containing a variety of set pieces.

Imperial City Tel Var Stones

When you kill mobs and players in the Imperial City you gain Tel Var Stones which can be used to purchase a variety of item sets from the Tel Var Merchants in the Imperial City Sewers.


  • Peggy
    Sep 24, 2016

    Is this why people are wildly collecting the treasure maps? I still am not sure I understand why they would want to do this.

  • Vitron
    Oct 6, 2016

    A quick question. On the zone sets, at the set pages you talk about them being available en jewelry, and here you do not say if there is a way to focus on obtaining their jewelry.
    Is there any knowledge of the jewelry will be completely random drops or zone bosses or anything?

    • ESO Academy
      Oct 6, 2016

      Yeah I had another look at the patch notes for the live release but they don’t mention anything about jewelry. I assume that they are just a rare drop from all types of mobs and Bosses but this might become more clear when people start getting more drops.

      • Vitron
        Oct 7, 2016

        I have learned that the Jewelery comes out from treasure map chests and Dolmens, just wanted to tell you, I don’t know if you wanna add that somewhere.

  • Ryan
    Oct 6, 2016

    So if i wanted a dungeon set such as viper, how would i get gold jewelry?

    • Kentucky
      Oct 26, 2016

      you can’t get gold viper jewelry to drop after update 12 unless you buy whats in a trader currently. only way to get gold viper moving forward is through the Golden cyrodil vendor.

  • chrysalis
    Oct 7, 2016

    Jewels should be from the chests, final bosses, and golden vendor in Cyrodiil.

  • Andy
    Oct 9, 2016

    Jewelry has a very small chance to drop from any mob in the outdoors area. I got a purple CP160 ring in the Rift from killing sabre cats or some other trash. Kill everything.

  • Alex Kay
    Nov 25, 2016

    So does anyone know if overwhelming surge now has a weapon set with it

  • Chris Jones
    Feb 3, 2017

    Hey question! Im trying to find the errant mail set from the blackheart haven. But im not exactly sure if it drops a 1h sword or axe… i havnt found anything telling me for sure it didnt, but i havnt found anything telling me that it does. So if someone could tell me? That would be great! Trying to finish up my dk tank build! 🙂


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