Items and Gear Post Veteran Ranks (New Champion Ranks)

  One Comment   June 10, 2016

With Update 10 comes a major overhaul to the progression system in ESO – the long awaited removal of Veteran Ranks and the take-over of Champion Ranks. What happens to my gear? This is a question which has been asked a lot, so here it is explained.

It’s important to note that Champion Ranks and Champion Points are the same thing, except they used in different contexts. When you are below Level 50 your Champion Points are just there to benefit your stats and don’t effect your gear. When you get to Level 50 it’s then your Champion Points which determine what kind of gear you can wear.

The Transition

1 Veteran Rank = 10 Champion Ranks.

When the patch hits, any item, piece of armor, potion or food that is above Level 50 will convert to Champion Ranks. If it was Level 50 or below nothing will change.

If it was VR1 then it will be CP 10, if it was VR6 it will be CP 60 and if it was VR16 it will be CP 160.

The same thing happens with your characters. If they are VR10 then they will be at least CP 100 after the patch hits.

Veteran Champion Transition

This Warlock Ring was once VR1. It is now CP 10.

Max Level Gear

The maximum Level of gear and items you can get in ESO after Update 10 is Champion Rank 160. So if you have 200 CP or 501 CP it doesn’t matter because you both can wear the same gear. In future patches and updates gear will improve and ZOS might release gear which is CP 170 or CP 180. At the moment, however, the max Level gear is CP 160.


Any crafting materials which applied to Veteran Ranked items previously will now apply to the equivalent Champion Rank. So for VR15 and 16 stuff, this is now CP 150 to CP 160 crafting materials.

Ancestor Silk CP 150 CP 160

One Comment

  • Archangel
    Jun 29, 2016

    Thank you for posting this! I have been so confused as to what gear my former VR13 character can wear. ESO doesn’t explain it well enough.


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