Major Changes With Orsinium

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Hi all, so as you may (or may not) know the new DLC – Orsinium – is coming in early November. November 2 for PC/Mac, November 17 for XBox and November 18 for PS4. All of the details about the DLC itself can be found on the Orsinium page which will be updated with new information as it comes out. As with the release of the Imperial City the base game patch that comes with the release of Orsinium is huge and contains a lot of changes to game play and more.


Champion Points

The amount of XP needed to earn a Champion Point will be reduced for players with less Champion Points in order to create another “catch up” mechanic and help players with less time to play ESO. The first Champion Point that you earn will cost around 33,000 XP. Your tenth CP will cost 42,894 XP and your hundredth CP will cost 140,946 XP.

The amount of Champion Points that you can have spent at one time will be capped at 501 Points. You can still earn more than 501 Champion Points but you can only allocate 501 of those Points into the passives.

This cap may be raised progressively in the future with further updates.


LFG Grouping Tools

The LFG Tool has been overhauled and improved so it should now be much easier to find a group.

From the Patch Notes:

  • Groups formed for dungeons will always be teleported directly to the dungeon once formed, and will always be scaled to a level ceiling.
    • After a group is formed, you can either teleport immediately, or wait up to 30 seconds before you are sent to the dungeon so you can complete your current activity.
  • Loot will be contextualized to your level.
    • While everyone will be scaled up to VR15, you will always get loot drops appropriate for your level. For example, if you are VR2, you will still get VR2 loot drops.
  • Groups can now be formed across all three alliances. It is entirely possible for two Aldmeri characters to team up with an Ebonheart and Daggerfall duo to complete a dungeon.
  • If you form a group for Cyrodiil or the Imperial City, you will not be teleported anywhere.
  • To help consolidate the tool, we’ve removed the ability to queue for individual quests. That said, we do still want to encourage you to work together to defeat difficult world bosses and quests!
  • Groups may still be formed as normal. If any group formed normally within the game world enters a dungeon, it will follow normal dungeon rules. Groups formed via the Grouping Tool operate differently to ensure a rapid cadence of group formation.
    • For example, if you walk into a dungeon with three VR16 player characters and the group leader is VR2, all monsters will be VR2.


Battle Level Changes

Instead of every battle leveled character having the exact same stats, you will now be able to mold a battle leveled character however you choose.

  • Battle leveling now takes into account how you have allocated your attribute points.
  • Items matter!
    • Having stronger items means your battle leveled stats will be stronger. For example, equipping a purple level 34 sword will give more damage than a green level 34 sword.
    • Running around naked in Cyrodiil is no longer advisable. Lower-level player characters will be given bonus stats to help make up for the lack of optimized gear, skills, and passive abilities. The bonus will scale to your level, so lower-level player characters will receive a larger bonus.



Subtitles for your select language are now available! These will be off by default, but can be enabled by going to the Audio Settings, and selecting Subtitles.


Controller Support

You are now able to use a controller that supports XInput, such as an Xbox One controller, while playing the PC version of the game!

  • To switch to gamepad mode, navigate to the Gameplay menu in Settings and plug in your controller.
    • Existing add-ons will continue to work.
    • Gamepad mode on PC retains keyboard support for text chat, UI shortcuts and character movement.
  • The API has been updated to encourage development of gamepad-specific add-ons. We can’t wait to check them out!
  • Gamepad mode is not supported on the Mac game client even though the option is visible and accessible. You can switch back to the regular form of gameplay by pressing the Escape key, then navigating through the keyboard Settings to turn it off.


Shield Dyeing

Dye stations now support the dyeing of shields so you can match your shield to your armor.


Akaviri Crafting Style

The secrets of the Akaviri crafting style have been uncovered by scholars on the front lines of the Alliance War!

  • Siege merchants in Cyrodiil will sell chapters of the Akaviri Style for large amounts of Alliance Points.
  • To learn an Akaviri style chapter, you must have at least Rank 9 in at least one of the Metalworking, Tailoring, or Woodworking passives.
  • The merchants will also sell the raw style material needed to craft Akaviri items, Ancient Scale, for a modicum of Alliance Points.
  • You must refine ten Ancient Scales together into one Goldscale in order to use it in crafting Akaviri arms and armor.
  • Once refined together into Goldscale, the item is immediately bound to your account. If you wish to trade them, you must do so in their unrefined form!

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