All About New Champion Ranks (Veteran Ranks Are Gone)

  6 Comments   June 4, 2016

Update 10, which is the Dark Brotherhood patch, removes Veteran Ranks from ESO and replaces them with Champion Ranks. This is part of a long term plan ZOS has had which is designed to reduce the “grindy” nature of ESO post Level 50.

Instead of Veteran Ranks Veteran Ranks you will now see Champion Ranks Champion Ranks.

Note: There is no difference between Champion Points and Champion Ranks, just two names for the same thing.

You amount of Champion Points is your Champion Rank.

Your Character

When you log in for the first time after this update you may notice a couple of things.

  • You will no longer see any reference to Veteran Ranks.
  • If you are below Level 50 then nothing will change for you at the moment.
  • If you were a Veteran Rank then you will have been converted to a Champion Rank.
  • One Veteran Rank is equal to 10 Champion Ranks, so VR 4 is equal to CP 40.
  • You will have gained some Champion Points during the conversion.
  • You can now see other players Champion Points displayed next to their names.

Your Gear

With this change every mention of Veteran Ranks is now changed to Champion Ranks.

  • Gear that was Veteran Ranked is now the equivalent Champion Rank.
  • So VR 16 gear is now CP 160 gear.
  • There is no gear higher than CP 160 gear, it’s the best in the game at the moment.
  • The Champion Rank of gear determines your ability to use it, so you need 160 Champion Points to use gear that is CP 160.
  • All other items follow this logic too including food, drinks, potions and other items.
  • Any additional accounts will effectivley reach the same strength of your main account when they reach Level 50 since Champion Points are account wide.


Mobs have also changed to Champion Ranks as well.

  • A mob which was VR 16 is now CP 160.
  • The mobs in Veteran Zones have changed Level to match expected Champion Rank progression. With this new system players level up much quicker so it makes sense to match mob strength to this quicker progression.
  • In terms of XP gain it remains the same except any player above CP 160 is treated as they are CP 160 for XP gain.
  • Mobs 40 Champion Points below your Level will grant 75% of their normal XP.
  • Mobs 50 or more Champion Points below your Level will grant 30% of their normal XP.


  • Luis
    Jun 8, 2016

    Hi, I have a question.

    For characters under lvl 50 what will happen with champions points? they still can use those or until reach lvl 50, gaining the max account wide champion rank.

    Right now if you create a new character the account wide champions points are available to use

    • ESO Academy
      Jun 8, 2016

      If you have Champion Points you can still use them on characters which are below Level 50, so it stays that same as it is now.

      • Luis
        Jun 9, 2016

        Great! Thank you

  • ragnar
    Jun 9, 2016

    If my character is vet 10 but I have more than 100 champ pts. Will I lose the rest of my pts. Or will my champ rank be higher than champ rank 100??

    • Luis
      Jun 9, 2016

      As I understand, if you are VR10 but you have, let’s say 120 CP, you character will be raised to Champion 120 and the gear you are wearing (probably VR10) will be champion 100 due is VR10.

      • ESO Academy
        Jun 10, 2016

        Yes exactly this.


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