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  28 Comments   July 3, 2015

ESO Live Episode 21 featured Eric Wrobel, the Lead Combat Designer at ZOS. He gave a bit of a preview to some of the combat changes which are coming in the next major update.

The next patch is 2.0.13 and will be rolled out next week. This patch includes minor bug fixes and tweaks. So far there is no exact date for Update 7 which includes the changes listed below.

More news is expected on July 17 which will include news about the Imperial City.

Please note that these are not patch notes, so they are subject to change. All info is from ESO Live Episode 21 which can be viewed here.

Quick News:

  • VR 16 will come with Update 7.
  • When blocking you won’t have any Stamina Regen.
  • Dodge Roll will have increased cost by 33% if you use it twice in a row.
  • More tweaks and changes to skills.
  • Battle Spirit (Cyrodiil Buff) will reduce damage, healing and damage shields by 50%.
  • Racial Passive tweaks.


VR 16 Is Coming

In Update 7 Veteran Rank 16 is going to be introduced to ESO.

ZOS states that the removal of Veteran Ranks is still a goal but is going to be more of a long term goal as there are numerous changes to items that would have to be made before Veteran Ranks could be fully removed.

ZOS do recognise, however, that Veteran Ranks are not popular due to the time it takes to level up. In response to this there are a number of changes which are going to come out in Update 7 concerning XP gain in the Veteran Ranks.

  • Veteran Ranks will require 15% less XP to level up.
  • Veteran Ranked quests will give 50% more XP.
  • Public Dungeons will give double the XP gained.
  • All activity in Craglorn will give 20% more XP.


Cyrodiil Changes

Eric recognised that the time to kill in Cyrodiil has become too short and reactive gameplay is becoming difficult as death is becoming much quicker.

In response, changes are being made to Battle Spirit – the Cyrodiil buff – to reduce damage, healing and damage shields by 50%.

This is like giving everyone 200% more Health in Cyrodiil and was done to increase the time of battles and allow players to use defensive abilities and have time to react to being attacked.


Skill Changes

There are going to be numerous changes to Skills in Update 7 including Class and Weapon Skills. ZOS are also considering another free respec due to the changes.

The following are changes which are planned for Update 7.


 Stonefist and morphs range increased to 28M.

 Obsidian Shard (Stonefist morph) deals less damage but heals an ally.

 Battle Roar will scale resource returns based on your Max Health, Magicka and Stamina.


 Shadow Cloak fixes are coming. Attacks like heavy attacks and charges won’t remove invisibility even if they are cast just before you go into stealth. Area of effect attacks will still remove Shadow Cloak.

 Grim Focus will only require 4 light attacks to activate Spectral Bow.


 Focused Charge now has no delay after casting it like the other gap closer charges.

 Rushed Ceremony animation is quicker.

 Honor The Dead Magicka return will trigger instantly if target is below 70% Health.

 Sun Fire is getting a faster animation / travel speed.


 Bolt Escape is being changed so that it will cost 50% more if you cast it in a row. This will now stack! So the cost will increase by 50%, then 100%, then 150% and so on.

 Lightning Form is going to have a Stamina morph which deals reasonable damage to nearby targets and uses Stamina to cast.

 Mage’s Fury execute damage increased by 10%.

Dual Wield

 Flying Blade will give Major Brutality which increases Weapon Damage by 20%. This is to bring Dual Wield in line with Rally (2H).


 Volley will have a longer duration.

There are a lot more changes to abilities incoming with Update 7. In general the developers want to balance abilities and also balance between Magicka and Stamina choices.

Eric also stated that melee abilities should deal more damage as they are close range and are often caught up in area of effect attacks, etc.


Racial Passives

Eric mentioned that small tweaks to the Racial Passives are coming in Update 7 but more major changes are being held off until a Race change feature is available to players.

  • Argonian: Restore more Health, Magicka and Stamina after drinking a potion.
  • Nord: More Max Health.
  • Khajiit: More Weapon Critical.
  • Orc: Gain 4% increased damage with melee attacks replacing 6% additional charge attack damage.

Mundus Stones

ZOS are improving the balance of Mundus Stone buffs. The Mage (Magicka) and The Tower (Stamina) will remain the same but the others will improve.

The Mundus Stone which increases Health Regen is changing to increase Stamina Regen instead.


Dodge Roll

Dodge Rolls will cost 33% more Stamina if you perform them in quick succession.

This is to stop spamming Dodge Rolls and is similar to Bolt Escape. I believe that this will stack, so it will go 33% then 66% and so on. There will be a glowing indicator to show that you are effected by the increased cost.


Block Casting

This is a major combat change to reduce block casting (holding down black while attacking): when you are blocking you will no longer have any Stamina Regeneration.

Potions and Skills will still restore Stamina but your normal Stamina Regen will be nothing. This will majorly effect tanks in PVE as well.

Eric mentioned that internal tests showed that current content is going to be possible to complete with this change. It might take some time to adjust, however!



Taunt immunity will only apply to monsters which are effected by multiple players Taunts.

This means that two players can’t each take turns at Taunting the enemy but will allow a single tank to keep Taunting the enemy over and over. So if only one player is Taunting then the monster will not become Taunt immune.

You can check out the current Taunt system over here. At the moment if you Taunt a monster three times in 12 seconds the monster becomes Taunt immune and future Taunts have no effect.


Nirnhoned Trait

This trait will only effect the piece of gear that it is on, rather than your total Spell Resistance. This is more of a bug fix than a change but it is very welcome!



You can watch ESO Live Episode 21 over here on Twitch.


    Jul 4, 2015

    Don’t forget Cyrodiil will give 200% more Health to everyone inside.

    • ESO Academy
      Jul 5, 2015

      I didn’t see this mentioned, was it on ESO Live?

    Jul 5, 2015

    Yup so 50% reduced block is nothing to worry about because they want more fights at good combat time length by adding 200% more Health.

    • ESO_GAMER86
      Jul 5, 2015

      You did great with this page should help everyone that loves patch notes in writing.

      ESO LIVE stated the 200% Health increase at cost of reduce damage, healing and damage shields by 50%. If I see anything else I’ll check back here. 🙂

      • ESO Academy
        Jul 6, 2015


  • Collin
    Jul 7, 2015

    Wow… um… I don’t think the changes to defensive Stamina skills such as dodge rolling and blocking are going to work out very well. It already sucks enough as it is on a lot of the content.

  • Co
    Jul 8, 2015

    Did they mention anything about appearance change in the game, like a barber shop? Auto stacking function in the Guild Bank, etc..

    • ESO Academy
      Jul 9, 2015

      No, not that I heard. They mentioned that they were looking at these things but gave no hint as to when they would be released.

  • Tngunner
    Jul 9, 2015

    I’ll quit if you mess with Bolt Escape… No more Crown Store purchases or ESO Plus from me if you touch it… That’s all a Sorcerer has to escape combat and to make it cost more that’s just ridicules it done cost a lot it don’t need to stack 50% more cost. I promise I will quit playing your game if you touch it…

    • Justin
      Jul 9, 2015

      Do you think they care if you leave? Buh bye.

    • Anon
      Jul 15, 2015

      Boohoo. Just adapt like everyone else.

    • psiven-jr
      Jul 16, 2015

      Sorcs being able to outrun full speed mounts with it is not balanced. Escaping to LOS, or to regroup with your force is reasonable, but should come at a cost to resources that prevents you from being able to engage immediately. Bolt Escape allows you to nuke players dead, then escape to your factions gate from an enemy faction gate of you wanted to. If they don’t fix that, everyone who isn’t a Sorc will quit.

    • FapTic
      Aug 9, 2015

      The teleporting.

    • frank
      Sep 16, 2015

      you are not alone in feeling like quiting when they change the game mid-level. many others feel the same way. they just dont come here and post their comments

  • Alex
    Jul 14, 2015

    Are you planning to fix lags in cyrodil, when alot of players fight at same time?

    • Zach
      Aug 19, 2015

      Fixing FPS when there is 60+ members and 100s of attacks and effects going on is not possible it’s not lag it’s frame rate and they can’t fix it unless you want them to reduce the graphics.

  • lennz
    Jul 14, 2015

    Orc chances Passive ohhh no i create new build for critical rush ohhh no xD

  • Sam
    Jul 15, 2015

    Sounds like they just want to stop people using stealth attacks and an assassin play style, I enjoy the thrill of being a one shot stalker, if they don’t see me, they die, if they see me, I die, if I kill a person in a group, I die too. I see no problem with this.

  • Cameron
    Jul 22, 2015

    This all a looks awesome, I’m happy about the dodge roll cost it will stop people from spamming it and dodging everything. I wish they would add a face\race change thing though for real money or in game gold.

  • josh
    Jul 29, 2015

    Why would you take stam regen away in pve I don’t PvP at all I only pve and I play a tank I’ll quit as well if you mess up my character this is just plain stupid it’s completely reasonable for PvP but not pve

  • JT
    Aug 5, 2015

    Will the battle spirit buff apply to the new dungeons?

    • ESO Academy
      Aug 5, 2015

      No, it will only apply in Cyrodiil, the Imperial City Sewers and the actual Imperial City but not the two new Group Dungeons.

  • G
    Aug 26, 2015

    Nice job with the Templar.

  • Sylph
    Sep 13, 2015


    Did they say anything about adding text chat for console players? My voice chat has been unavailable since launch, would they also fix that?

  • frank
    Sep 16, 2015

    this update sucks. it totally screwed over enchanting weapons and armor SEVERELY. what a waste. the mgt behind it should be fired. and not everyone playing eso is into group play in the main city area. the potions sucked before this update and now add the enchanting to that list. skyrim was 100xs better than this 1/2 and 1/2 game. too bad they like breaking the game when it was working just fine and from what i read, the PC users have been dealing w dumb-downs since it was released. now we are seeing it first hand. and the worse part is that there is not much else out there to turn to instead of this game. i am totally dissappointed in the mgt who does this crap.

  • Enchanted
    Sep 16, 2015

    Since the update, drinks no longer regenerate health, stamina, etc. I’ve tried provisioning new drinks. Nothing works.

  • Josh
    Sep 17, 2015


  • Josh
    Sep 17, 2015

    I’m glad we got bo3 coming cause I’m done.I invested too much money and time for my dn tank to be broken.I can barley hang with same level npc now and my dn is so squishy. I’m so disappointed and but hurt that no longer do I gain stamina. I hope the fix this cause it ruined everything .


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