One Tamriel, Duelling And Update 12

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Update 12 is set to arrive on the Public Test Server on Monday (29/08) bringing with it huge changes to the core game of ESO.

Update 12 with One Tamriel and duelling is due on live servers in October.

One Tamriel

One Tamriel is a massive change to the way that players interact with zones and will allow players to play in any zone in any order. One Tamriel also lets players from all Alliances player together in PVE zones.

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It is finally here! Duelling has been a common request from the ESO community for some time, and with Update 12 ZOS is adding the ability to challenge other players to a one-on-one duel for the first time in ESO!

Another highly-anticipated feature we’re introducing in Update 12 is the ability to challenge another player to a duel! Test your PvP skills against your friends, or try out new builds before diving into battle in Cyrodiil or a dungeon. We’ll be giving you more information on our dueling system next week at PAX West 2016.

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Craglorn, the big group zone, is getting a major overhaul and is becoming a solo / small group zone.

Craglorn, which was originally introduced in 2014 as a group-focused Adventure Zone, is being re-designed so it will no longer require a group to play. Now you’ll find that all the main story quests can be completed solo, and the remaining group content can be completed with as little as two players. We want to make sure you can have fun in the zone by yourself, but if you choose, it’s also your go-to destination for exciting group content!

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