Orsinium (Wrothgar) Is Out For PC

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Orsinium (Wrothgar) is out for PC today (November 2). The patch is 2.2.4 and is about 4GB in size. The major release in this update is the new DLC – Orsinium. Wrothgar is the new zone that is being added and Orsinium is the capital of Wrothgar. The Imperial City was a primarily PVP oriented updated so Orsinium is more tailored towards solo or small group players.

There are two new large Public Dungeons and a new solo arena called The Maelstrom Arena. There are also the usual fixes and improvements as well as new Item Sets and a new Ancient Orc Style Motif.

Patch Notes

Quality of Life

There were several quality of life improvements which you may notice.

  • The Group Finder is improved – it will stop searching when you are in a full group, it can search for members of opposing Alliances and it now includes the Imperial City in its list of activities.
  • The in-game mail which tells you that an item of yours has sold on a Guild Store will now also tell you which item it was and how much it sold for.
  • There are now better subtitle options!
  • In the Imperial City when you go up a ladder from the Sewers into a District you will get temporary immunity to prevent excessive ladder camping.
  • You can no longer resurrect a player while invisible.
  • Battle Level will now take into account the quality and level of your gear and has generally improved to reflect your choice of Attribute Points, gea and Skill Points.

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