Patch 2.0.11 Arrives – XP Booster Available

  2 Comments   June 16, 2015

The latest patch, 2.0.11, is an incremental patch to address a few bugs and also launch the new Experience Booster to ESO.

Experience Booster – Psijic Ambrosia

A new drink is being added to ESO with this patch called the Psijic Ambrosia. This drink, when consumed, will grant your character 50% additional experience gained from all sources for 30 minutes. The Psijic Ambrosia is considered as a drink, so it can be made with Provisioning. There is also expected to be a version in the Crown Store as well.

The Psijic Ambrosia can be used at any level and applies towards advancing your level, advancing your Veteran Rank, and for advancing your Champion Points. It does not apply towards things that don’t work off experience like crafting and certain Skill Lines like the Fighter’s and Mage’s Guild.

The Psijic Ambrosia is considered a drink for Provisioning purposes but you can still use another food or drink item at the same time.

The Psijic Ambrosia does not stack with itself and using one after another will cause the consumption of the second item to fail. You will not lose your drink, however, and will be able to use it as soon as the first drink wears off. The experience boost DOES stack with other sources of XP boosting such as ESO Plus and the Rings of Mara.

The passives for Provisioning will work when you make the Psijic Ambrosia and it is treated just like any other drink when you craft it. This also means that the passives which increase the duration of drink effects will work and therefore a player who is both a fully ranked Brewer and Connoisseur creating Psijic Ambrosia for their own use will get a total of three hours and twenty minutes of experience boost from a single drink.

How Do You Make A Psijic Ambrosia

The recipe for this experience booster is not available as a whole but rather comes in 7 different parts. These recipe fragments can be found by completing Provisioner Writs; the higher ranked Writ you complete, the more likely you are to find a fragment of the recipe. Recipe fragments can be traded or sold to other players, however, so an industrious Provisioner who has two fragments could trade or sell one of them to get a fragment they do not have.

Psijic Ambrosia Recipe Fragment

Once you have all seven fragments, simply use any single fragment from either your inventory or the quickslot. This will consume all seven fragments, and will produce one complete and usable Psijic Ambrosia Recipe. This, too, can be sold or traded to other players. Consuming the recipe itself will finally endow you with the knowledge to craft Psijic Ambrosia!

Psijic Ambrosia has three ingredients required to make it: Frost Mirriam, Bervez Juice, and Perfect Roe. Frost Mirriam and Bervez Juice are both existing ingredients used in a variety of high-end purple foods and drinks; they can only be found by completing Provisioner Writs or by receiving them from your Hireling. Perfect Roe is brand-new, however, and (at least for the moment) used only in the crafting of Psijic Ambrosia.

Perfect Roe can be found by fishing. Every time you skin a non-trophy fish, you obtain fish meat. However, you will now also have a small chance to obtain Perfect Roe.

Finally, to craft Psijic Ambrosia, you must have your Recipe Quality passive at Rank 4 (which is a new Rank for this patch) and your Recipe Improvement passive at Rank 6; that is, both must be maxed out. With Perfect Roe, Bervez Juice, and Frost Mirriam in hand, you can go to any cooking fire and craft Psijic Ambrosia!

Scaled Consumables

In this patch ZOS has implemented limited scaling on all consumables that affect your Health, Magicka, or Stamina.

Scaling will occur across level ranges, and is determined by the base level of the item up to the next viable level of a crafted item.

For example, crafted potions are made at levels ending in 0 starting at level 10 (until you reach Veteran Ranks). If you create a level 10 potion, it will scale with you as you level, until level 19. At level 19, it will “lock” at that strength and never get any better. It will still be good at level 20, but not the best thing for you at your level. This behavior applies to foods and drinks as well.

Note that Crown Store potions and foods have always scaled with your level. With this new system, crafted and dropped consumable items do too, and so at no point will there be a moment in which a Crown Store potion is ever directly stronger than one that is crafted.


There were several small bug fixes and improvements as well concerning buggy shield animations, flying Sorcerers (Bolt Escape bug) and weaker than expected Flesh Atronachs.


  • foley
    Jul 2, 2015

    Are the servers still down? Because I can’t get on.

    • ESO Academy
      Jul 3, 2015

      They should be up.


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