Player Housing Coming in February 2017

  3 Comments   December 7, 2016

It’s now confirmed that the ESO player housing system, called Homestead, is coming in February 2016. The update will be on the PTS in January to test.

For all of the latest information on housing visit the Player Housing page.

Quick Preview

  • There will be at least 30 different houses to buy.
  • You can buy them with in-game gold or Crowns.
  • You can furnish your house as you like.
  • The House Editor is extensive and you can rotate and move objects to any location.
  • Some houses have outdoor areas to furnish.
  • You can craft and sell furniture to other players.
  • You can buy furnished or unfurnished homes.
  • You can decorate your house with over 2000 items.
  • You can decorate your house with trophies from quests, Trials and Dungeons.
  • You can have Assistants in your home.

Homestead ESO


  • William Benton
    Dec 8, 2016

    How much will these proposed hoses cost
    Both crown store and in game gold

  • Henrik Madsen
    Dec 17, 2016

    Look more and more like Skyrim – Nice. But deeper quest would bedre wellcome.

  • Madhaste
    Dec 20, 2016

    Anyone able to post the patch notes for this? I’m interested in changes with classes


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