Thieves Guild First Look

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ZOS have released a first sneak peak at the awaited Thieves Guild DLC and Update 9 patch.

Thieves Guild ESO

Thieves Guild DLC Features & Content

In the Thieves Guild DLC you will be able to join the Thives Guild for the first time in ESO! The new zone is called Hew’s Bane, and it will be available to characters of all levels using the Battle Level system like Wrothgar (Orsinium). The Thieves Guild headquarters is located in Hew’s Bane in a place called Abah’s Landing. Hew’s Bane is located on the southern peninsula of Hammerfell.

The DLC pack will incldude new story content and quests which take you through your favorite areas of Tamriel. This suggests that some of the quests will have elements in existing zones.

There is a new 12 player Trail: Maw of Lorkhaj, as well as Delves and additional group bosses to fight.

Some new criminal activities are coming, possibly involving business ledgers and forgery.

A new passive Skill Line exclusive to member of the Thieves Guild! This will probably be a bit like Legerdemain.

Of course there will also be new costumes, the Thieves Guild Motif (and maybe more Motifs) as well as new item sets!


Base Game Patch Features & Content

In the base game patch there are a number of great improvements like the new 64-bit client for PC and Mac. There is also improvements to grouping including better incentives and cross-Alliance grouping outside of the Group Finder.

There are tons of combat and balance changes and the addition of native scrolling combat text, a long awaited feature.

There are improvements to Cyrodiil, siege weapons changes and changes to Campaigns. The non-Vet Campaign is going to ignore Champion Points and there will be a Vet Campaign which ignores Champion Points as well.

Access to content from other Alliances in any order you choose upon reaching Veteran Rank 1. This is a new feature which means you don’t have to complete the other zones in a set order.

The article also mentioned “prioritization of animations during combat” which some took to mean the end of animation cancelling. A post of the forums by ZOS_GinaBruno clarified by saying “we’re not removing weaving, but improving the animations and responsiveness during combat so you can clearly see an ability’s impact”. So don’t worry, animation cancelling or weaving isn’t going anywhere just yet.

The Mac client is also getting the improved facial animations with this new client!


Thieves Guild Trailer

ZOS also released a short trailer for the Thieves Guild which you can watch below. In the trailer we see combat possibly from the new Trial, the new camel mount, a fire-breathing lizard (?) pet and lots of sneaking around the place.

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