Update 11: Shadows of the Hist

  2 Comments   June 22, 2016

Update 11 is the next content patch for ESO after the Dark Brotherhood and is scheduled to arrive some time in Q3 2016. We expect it to arrive in late August or early September.

This patch will feature a small DLC called Shadows of the Hist consisting of two new Group Dungeons. Update 11 will also introduce a race, appearance and name change system to the base game.

Shadows of the Hist

Group Dungeons

There are two new Group Dungeons as part of the Shadow of the Hist DLC.

Cradle of Shadows

Join the Argonians of the Dark Brotherhood in their battle against a cadre of rogue assassins threatening to hurl all of Black Marsh into bloody chaos. Fight your way through the Cradle of Shadows to uncover the secrets of the twisted Silken Ring! Cradle of Shadows is a 4-player group dungeon featuring both Normal and Veteran modes. Can you defeat its boss and claim its head as a new monster mask?

Ruins of Mazzatun

Venture into Mazzatun, the “Puzzle City” of the Argonian Xit-Xaht tribe. The tribe has been forcing other lizardfolk to work as slave labor on a twisted project that is slowly driving them insane. Overcome the slavelords and free their helpless victims before it’s too late! Ruins of Mazzatun is a 4-player group dungeon with a Normal and a Veteran modes and valuable rewards, including a new monster mask.


Base Game Patch

The base game is getting improvements including the option to change your race, appearance and name.

Race, Appearance, Name Change

We don’t yet know how the system will work exactly but ZOS says “with Update 11 you can purchase tokens that will allow you to completely redefine your appearance, pick a different name, or choose an entirely different race”. We don’t yet know how these tokens will be purchased or whether they will be available on the Crown Store – but we assume they will be.

Hel Ra Citadel, Aetherian Archive, and Dragonstar Arena Improvements

Return to Hel Ra Citadel, the Aetherian Archive and Dragonstar Arena! ZOS have improved these popular trials to increase difficulty and provide greater rewards. All items and weapons obtained in these trials have been updated to max level, and Hel Ra Citadel and the Aetherian Archive now feature a Normal and Veteran modes that will scale to your group leader and qualify you for the leaderboards. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Text Chat for Console Clients

Console players have long since requested the ability to chat via text ever since The Elder Scrolls Online was released for XBox One and PlayStation4. With the coming update, console players will be able to write text messages in addition to using voice chat.

Cyrodiil Town Capture

Beginning with Update 11, Cyrodiil will feature the capturable towns of Cropsford, Vlastarus and Bruma! Each town contains three flags to capture and control, one with no guards, one with a few guards, and one that is heavily guarded, in a fashion similar to district flags in the Imperial City. Capturing a town grants an Alliance another place to respawn from PVP deaths and access to town merchants selling purple-quality gear for Alliance Points. Experience this new style of PVP gameplay and win honor and glory for your Alliance!

Premium Hairstyles and New Adornments

With Update 11 ZOS are introducing dozens of new hair styles, adornments, and body markings that can be purchased from the in-game Crown Store.


The soruce of this information is this article on the official site.


  • Nahyehbro
    Jun 23, 2016

    Awesome for redifining the character you have. But ever since they put flas in imperial city my pvp area battles are ruined they need to change it back or create duel mode alliances agaisnt each other no flags no nothing just straight battle

  • lexifer452
    Jun 23, 2016

    Holy crap, race change. Exciting stuff. PVP town capture certainly sounds interesting as well. Since I’ve already done all the related quests there might actually be a reason for revisiting Bruma and Cheydinhal and so on once this drops. 2 new dungeons and monster sets sound great also. I would imagine everyone has gotten pretty bored with all the current sets. Depending on what they’re bonuses are like they might give us some decent build changes, some variety. Can’t wait though. Especially for the race change option. Hate playing through the base story over and over just to change racial passives. Take it easy.


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