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  8 Comments   April 26, 2016

With the Dark Brotherhood update on May 31 (PC/Mac) and June 14 (XBox One/PS4) the Veteran Rank system will be removed. This has been a long time coming as evidenced by previous articles like VR16 – Some Context and What is Going On With Veteran Ranks.

The Veteran Rank system is basically being replaced with the Champion System.

Veteran Ranks have been completely removed from the game in this update! Your strength after Level 50 is now simply your number of Champion Points. As Champion Points are gained much faster than Veteran Ranks, this will allow you to advance more rapidly and start getting the best gear in the game faster.

The Transition

Obviously a lot of players are above Veteran Rank 1, so there is going to be a transition process when you first log in after the patch.

If you don’t have any Champion Points you will get 10 CP when you arrive at Level 50.

There will be a one-time bonus of 2.5 Champion Points per Veteran Rank gained on your highest level character when you first log in when Dark Brotherhood is released! A Veteran Rank will grant 2.5 Champion Points, up to a maximum of 40 points at VR16. This will occur automatically when you first log in after the update.

Champion Points will remain account based, so all of your characters will basically be at the same level once they hit Level 50.

Veteran Rank items and monsters will now display Champion Points. An old Veteran Rank is worth about 10 CP, so a monster that was VR10 will be around the strength of 100 CP. Also for items, an item that was VR4 will require 40 CP to equip.

XP will continue to function as they did for Veteran Ranks.

  • Mobs 40 Champion Points below your level will grant 75% of their normal XP.
  • Mobs 50 or more Champion Points below your level will grant 30% of their normal XP.

Abilities will no longer increase their cost by 1% per Veteran Rank, but will now increase at their normal rate for every 10 Champion Points, up to a cap of 160.

  • This means that most abilities will cost about the same, but cost reduction abilities should return more predictable results.
  • Also the core mechanics (sprint, dodge, block, CC break) will now be slightly more expensive.


  • Christopher wiseman
    Apr 30, 2016

    Are we going to be able make gear higher than vet16 when the dlc comes out?

  • Earl Schroeder
    May 2, 2016

    I spent a lot of time building my vet character and wrapping my head around the vet system and the champion system. I hope its worth it. Honestly this is only game i’ve where people can change the core mechanics by whining.

    • John
      May 3, 2016

      WOW, FF14, COD, D3, DOTA, LOL, SMite, HOTS, ALL have made changes to the games based on newb complaints, because newbs (casual players) normally make up the larger populace, than the hard cores the RPs and the newbs will hack, cheat or bitch their way to ruining a game

    • MaelstromV50
      May 17, 2016

      I totally agree by the time they remove the vet ranking I will have 3 vet 16 character I did this by putting the time in , players that can’t be bothered start whining and it gets removed .

  • UberKing
    May 4, 2016

    So better grind CP now since everything will be 30% xp after dark brotherhood? Now they atleast are xp for all 8 VR toons.

  • Stuffin cheese
    May 25, 2016

    I personally like the change. I am tired of talking to the majority of players who left this game due to a grind they can’t keep up with. I hate that a newer player doesn’t stand a chance against anyone in the game. This is how games die out. I want newer players to be able join not just the no lifers who have spent 2k hours on one character. Make the pvp a contest and enjoyable, not a test of who has better gear

  • Alan
    May 27, 2016

    This game is designed idiotically enough with that mess of builds possible to every class, the lack of fear when you are in enemy territory…That idiot who designed questing in enemy zones possible KILLED the game as everybody makes only 1 char and then leaves the game BORED like hell! Those veteran ranks were stupid enough. I don’t buy an ONLINE MMO game to play it like a normal offline RPG!
    That model with massive PvP zone has FAILED already many times, being the Conan most significant case. Every player needs to have a clear enemy faction, a sense of FEAR that can be killed by enemy any time in any place. This is a pure sense of MMO game.

  • Revolver84
    May 30, 2016

    I have been playing this game since day 1 of release of ESO on PS4 but only just about to get into vet 6 now. Why because when your an adult you have other more important things to do compared to revolver of 15 years ago who could spend 6-7 hours a night on the PS. Feel like I know about this game and consider myself a veteran but I’m sick of being kicked form group by Vet 16’s just because they see my lvl. hopefully this change will reduce that.


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