Poison Making

You can now use the Alchemy system to create a wide array of dangerous poisons! Poison Making is a crafting and combat mechanic which was released with the Dark Brotherhood DLC in May/June of 2016.

Poison Making was mentioned in the Dark Brotherhood: First Look article as part of the base game improvements coming alongside the Dark Brotherhood DLC. It is a free addition to the game and no DLC or subscription is required to use it.

At Alchemy stations around Tamriel you can now use new and existing reagents mixed together in a new type of solvent (called oils). These poisons can be equipped alongside wielded weapons and have a chance to be applied to your enemy during each Heavy or Light Attack of the associated weapons.

  • Poisons, unlike other equipped items, are consumed as they are applied.
  • Poisons are also subject to dilution, with each effect becoming less potent as more effects are added.
  • The new oils are sourced from various deadly monsters throughout Tamriel.
  • The new reagents have been added to many critters and monsters throughout Tamriel, and create multiple new effects for both potions and poisons.
  • While a weapon set has a poison equipped, any weapon enchantments on that weapon set are temporarily suppressed. Note that Master’s Weapons and Maelstrom Weapons have their unique-ability modifying effect suppressed, while their stat bonus is not suppressed.
  • When a poison is equipped, the weapon enchant and charge will be suppressed and replaced by the poison description and count in the tooltip.


ESO Poison Solvents (Oils)

Potion Level Solvent Solvent Level Locations
3 Grease Grease 1 Starter Islands, Tier 1 Zones
10 Ichor Ichor 1 Tier 1 Zones
Tier 2 Zones
20 Slime Slime 2 Tier 2 Zones
Tier 3 Zones
30 Gall Gall 3 Tier 4 Zones
Tier 5 Zones
40 Terebinthine Terebinthine 4 Coldharbor
CP 10 Pitch-Bile Pitch-Bile 5 Cadwell Silver Zones
CP 50 Tarblack Tarblack 6 Cadwell Gold Zones
CP 100 Night Oil Night Oil 7 Craglorn
CP 150 Alkahest Alkahest 8 Battle Level Zones (DLC)


ESO Alchemy Reagents

Image Reagent Effect 1 Effect 2 Effect 3 Effect 4
Beetle Scuttle Beetle Scuttle Lower Spell Resist Protection  Increase Armor Vitality
Blessed Thistle Blessed Thistle  Restore Stamina  Increase Weapon Power  Ravage Health  Speed
Blue Entoloma Blue Entoloma  Ravage Magicka  Lower Spell Power  Restore Health  Invisible
Bugloss Bugloss  Increase Spell Resist  Restore Health  Lower Spell Power  Restore Magicka
Butterfly Wing Butterfly Wing  Restore Health Sustained Restore Health  Lower Spell Crit Vitality
Columbine Columbine  Restore Health  Restore Magicka  Restore Stamina CC Immunity
Corn Flower Corn Flower  Restore Magicka  Increase Spell Power  Ravage Health  Detection
Dragonthorn Dragonthorn  Increase Weapon Power  Restore Stamina  Lower Armor  Weapon Crit
Emetic Russula Emetic Russula  Ravage Health  Ravage Magicka  Ravage Stamina  Stun
Fleshfly Larva Fleshfly Larva  Ravage Stamina Creeping Ravage Health Vulnerability Vitality
Imp Stool Imp Stool  Lower Weapon Power  Ravage Stamina  Increase Armor  Lower Weapon Crit
Ladys Smock Lady's Smock  Increase Spell Power  Restore Magicka  Lower Spell Resist  Spell Crit
Luminous Russula Luminous Russula  Ravage Stamina  Lower Weapon Power  Restore Health  Reduce Speed
Mountain Flower Mountain Flower  Increase Armor  Restore Health  Lower Weapon Power  Restore Stamina
Mudcrab Chitin Mudcrab Chitin  Increase Spell Resist Protection  Increase Armor Defile
Namiras Rot Namira's Rot  Spell Crit  Speed  Invisible CC Immunity
Nightshade Nightshade  Ravage Health Creeping Ravate Health Protection Defile
Nirnroot Nirnroot  Ravage Health  Lower Spell Crit  Lower Weapon Crit  Invisible
Scrib Jelly Scrib Jelly  Ravage Magicka Vulnerability  Speed Sustained Restore Health
Spider Egg Spider Egg  Reduce Speed Sustained Restore Health  Invisible Defile
Stinkhorn Stinkhorn  Lower Armor  Ravage Health  Increase Weapon Power  Ravage Stamina
Torchbug Thorax Torchbug Thorax  Lower Armor  Detection  Lower Weapon Crit Vitality
Violet Coprinus Violet Coprinus  Lower Spell Resist  Ravage Health  Increase Spell Power  Ravage Magicka
Water Hyacinth Water Hyacinth  Restore Health  Spell Crit  Weapon Crit  Stun
White Cap White Cap  Lower Spell Power  Ravage Magicka  Increase Spell Resist  Detection
Wormwood Wormwood  Weapon Crit  Reduce Speed  Detection CC Immunity


  • jackie
    Jun 20, 2016

    what ingredients do you mix together to make poison potions

  • Nexus
    Jun 23, 2016

    Right, we know what they are but witch ingredients go together? that’s what we want to know.

  • Lexifer452
    Jun 24, 2016

    hey thanks for the effects of the new reagents. could use a list of locations where they grow/what enemy beasts will drop them. ive found a few, which ill put down here but havent had any luck with the rest. ive found nightshade growing in wrothgar but havent checked elsewhere. its picked like a regular reagent. torchbugs, butterflies drop their related reagents, torchbug thorax and butterfly wings. have looted fleshfly larvae from zombies and the like but not from fleshflies themselves. beetle scuttle from assassin beetles and thunderbugs only so far, there could be others. have yet to find any mudcrab chitin drop from mudcrabs yet though ive killed around 50 or 60 so far. maybe im just rng-unlucky but they could be found elsewhere for all i know. scrib jelly ive found on scribs and their kin in stonefalls havent tried anywhere else yet. spider eggs drop from spiders, obiviously. haha and now that ive gone through tem it seems that mudcrab chitin is the only one i havent found yet. if anyone can confirm whether they do in fact drop from mudcrabs id appreciate it. have tried wrothgar, gold coast, hews bane, and a couple base game areas of varying levels but have not found a single one yet. thanks in advance and good work on the poison-making breakdown.

    • The 5alty One
      Jun 26, 2016

      I’ve been able to get mudcrab chitin in the argonian quater in Ebonheart. I have no idea where I’m supposed to be getting grease/ichor/slime etc from though.

  • lexifer452
    Jun 29, 2016

    the various poison solvents will drop from various enemies dpending on what level your at in the dlc areas, ie. wrothgar, hews bane and gold coast. they will drop from mammoths, giants, trolls and pretty much any animal or beast type enemy.

  • Will Smile
    Jul 2, 2016

    I have found mud crab chitin in a couple places. I’m thinking it is a really rare drop.

  • Jason
    Jul 3, 2016

    Most of the new reagents are all right where you’ve been the whole time..right in front of you. The hardest might be scrib jelly since there are just a few places that have scribs, but still there are more than a few. Awesome breakdown of reagent reactions. Thank you for the grid.

  • idc
    Sep 28, 2016

    run darkshade cavern dungeon once and you will get all the scrib jelly you could possibly want

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