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A valuable mechanic of combat in Elder Scrolls Online is roll dodge. When you roll dodge you actually cause any incoming attack to miss you, taking no damage or secondary effects at all. Of course there is a down side – it costs Stamina to perform a roll dodge and even more Stamina to perform multiple dodges one after another in quick succession.


Roll Dodge Effects

The main point of roll dodging is to avoid damage, so use it when you can see an enemy about to cast a ability which causes lots of damage. You can also use it to avoid the secondary effects of enemy abilties like snares, stuns and other crowd control effects.

A roll dodge also lets you move quickly along the ground to avoid dangers (like red circles) and can trigger other effects. If you have a bow equipped and have the Hasty Retreat passive you’ll gain extra movement speed for a short duration. If you have Phase from the Champion System you’ll gain extra Armor for 3 seconds after roll dodging.


Roll Dodge Cost

The cost of performing a roll dodge increases with your Level at a flat rate and is not a percentage of your Max Stamina.

At Level 50 the base cost of a roll dodge is 3,654 Stamina.

It’s important to realise that roll dodging in quick succession increases the Stamina cost by 33%. You can see this effect after you complete roll dodging because your feet display a green particle effect. When this is removed, after a couple of seconds, you can dodge again at normal cost.

Roll Dodge ESO

Roll Dodge Fatigue


  • Someone
    May 1, 2016

    Ironic. A web page discussing pros/cons of the roll dodge… and doesn’t mention how to do it. 🙁

    • ESO Academy
      May 2, 2016

      It comes up when you first play, but it also depends on your console. So for PC/Mac the default is double tapping the ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys, although this can be changed. For XBox it’s LT + A and for PS4 it’s L2 + X.

      • rightoncue
        Apr 2, 2017

        The “Crusader” set has a bonus that increases the duration of dodge chance bonus by .3.

        Can you break down what they are talking about for me.I am assuming they mean it increases the window in which im dodging attacks. And if possible can you give me the default number for what that is.

  • Adrian Garcia
    Dec 31, 2016

    Howdy. I have a question regarding roll dodging and other stamina based abilities. The poisons that add 60% to stamina abilities only effects abilities correct? Such as surprise attack, rally, and poison injection for example. The question is if the poisons effect roll dodging, blocking and CC breaking too? Thank you for your time.

    • ESO Academy
      Jan 1, 2017

      Yeah I understand that those poisons only effect the cost of abilities themselves and not things like block, roll dodge or break free.


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