Spell / Weapon Damage

Your Spell and Weapon Damage (also called Spell Power and Weapon Power) is used to determine the damage or healing power of your abilities.

Spell Damage Weapon Damage

Spell and Weapon Damage


Spell Damage

Spell Damage, along with Max Magicka, determines the damage and healing of abilities which use Magicka.


Weapon Damage

Weapon Damage, along with Max Stamina, determines the damage and healing of abilities which use Stamina.


Increase Your Spell / Weapon Damage

There are lots of ways you can increase your Spell and Weapon Damage.

Your Weapon

The weapon that you wield into a fight has the biggest impact on your Spell and Weapon Damage values. You’ll notice that all weapons of all types give a damage stat on them – this is both Spell and Weapon Damage and when you equip that weapon your character sheet will reflect this.

You can increase the damage given by your weapon by increasing its Level as you Level up and by increasing your weapons quality. A weapon comes in one of five quality types; increasing the quality of a weapon increases its stats equivalence to adding another Level.

White – Normal

Green – Fine (+1 Level Stats)

Blue – Superior (+2 Level Stats)

Purple – Epic (+3 Level Stats)

Gold – Legendary (+4 Level Stats)

Item Sets

Lots of Item Sets increase your Spell or Weapon Damage.


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  • Kainloki
    Jul 21, 2018

    ok i was wondering how dose enchantments like frost dam. work when i use a skill like surprise att.
    dose it get added to the damage when using the skill?


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