Akaviri Style

The Akaviri Style is a new style of armor and weapons available in Patch 2.2 (Orsinium DLC).

Siege Merchants in Cyrodiil will sell chapters of the Akaviri Style for large amounts of Alliance Points.

To learn an Akaviri Style Chapter, you must have at least Rank 9 in at least one of the Metalworking, Tailoring, or Woodworking passives.

Akaviri Style Material Goldscale

Akaviri Style Material Goldscale

The Siege Merchants will also sell the raw style material needed to craft Akaviri items, Ancient Scale, for Alliance Points.

You must refine ten Ancient Scales together into one Goldscale in order to use it in crafting in the Akaviri style.

Once refined together into Goldscale, the item is immediately bound to your account. If you wish to trade them, you must do so in their unrefined form!

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