The Berserker – PVE Dragonknight Tank (Updated for Elsweyr)

Author: BustyBoB328


Race: Argonian

Main Role: Tank

Health, Magicka, Stamina

0 24 40




Bar 1

Weapon 1: Two Handed

Reverse Slice

Two Handed Skill

Reverse Slice

Reverse Slash


Razor Caltrops

Assault Skill

Razor Caltrops




Two Handed Skill




Sanguine Altar

Undaunted Skill

Sanguine Altar

Blood Altar



Mages Guild Skill




Ferocious Leap

Dragonknight Skill

Ferocious Leap

Dragon Leap


Bar 2

Weapon 2: One Handed And Shield

Igneous Shield

Dragonknight Skill

Igneous Shield

Obsidian Shield


Absorb Magic

One Hand And Shield Skill

Absorb Magic

Defensive Posture


Pierce Armor

One Hand And Shield Skill

Pierce Armor



Heroic Slash

One Hand And Shield Skill

Heroic Slash

Low Slash


Green Dragon Blood

Dragonknight Skill

Green Dragon Blood

Dragon Blood


Magma Shell

Dragonknight Skill

Magma Shell

Magma Armor


Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
1 1 5


Gear and Item Set Info


  • Armour: Heavy [5]. Medium (Head) [1], Light (Shoulders) [1]

  • Gear - Beginner:

    • Armour - Fortified Brass [5]

    • Armour & Front/Back Bar - Torug’s Pact (Head and Shoulders) [5]

    • Jewellery - Torug’s Pact [3]

  • Gear - Endgame:

    • Armour - Plague Doctor [5], Lord Warden [2]

    • Jewellery/Back Bar - Roar of Alkosh [5]

    • Front Bar - Perfect Disciplined Slash [1]
  • Enchantments:

    • Armour - Prismatic Defense (Head, Chest, Shoulders) [3], Health [4]

    • Jewellery - Reduce Spell Cost (Necklace) [1], Shielding (Rings) [2]

    • Front Bar - Absorb Stamina (2H Weapon) [1]

    • Back Bar - Weakening (1H Weapon) [1], Prismatic Defense (Shield) [1]

  • Traits:

    • Armour - Reinforced (Chest) [1], Sturdy [4], Infused (Head and Shoulders) [2]

    • Jewellery - Infused (Necklace) [1] Triune (Rings) [2]

    • Weapon Front Bar - Infused (2H Weapon) [1]

    • Weapon Back Bar - Decisive (1H Weapon) [1] Infused (Shield) [1]


General Info


  • Potion of Choice: Tri-Stat Potion

  • Food of Choice: Longfin Pasty with Melon Sauce

  • Mundas Stone: The Lord (Increase Max Health) or the Lady (Increase physical and spell resistance)


  • Pre-buff with Absorb Magic, Igneous Shield and Green Dragon Blood.
  • Then use Pierce Armour to taunt the enemy.
  • Then use Heroic Slash to reduce movement speed and Maim (reduce enemy damage)
  • Use Green Dragon Blood and Sanguine Altar for survivability.
  • Use Balance to restore Magicka and Increase Physical and Spell Resistance for 20 seconds (BEWARE, this Ability costs Health to cast)
  • Keep Absorb Magic, Igneous Shield, and Sanguine Altar up at all times.
  • Use the Magma Armour Ultimate when in a tight spot (aka, about to DIE! or while taking damage while resurrecting a group member)


  • You can Replace Balance with Volatile Armour if you don't feel comfortable with exchanging Health for Magicka. Which will grant you Major Ward and Major Resolve, increasing you're physical and spell resistance for 20 seconds. In that case, keep this ability up at all times.
  • You can replace the Ferocious Leap Ultimate, with the Two-Handed Ultimate Berserker Rage. Does 1647 Physical Damage to the target enemy. This attack ignores the target's Resistance and grants you Physical Resistance and Spell Resistance equal to the amount ignored for 8 seconds. You are immune to all disabling, snare, and immobilization effects for the duration.


  • Brands of Imperium: Increases your max health by 2412, increases healing received by 4%, and when you take damage you have a 10% chance to grant you and your allies within 8 meters a damage shield for 6 seconds that absorbs 12040 damage. 15-second cooldown.
  • Ebon Armoury: Increases your max health by 3530, increases Healing received by 4%and increase the max health for 11 group members by 1118 within 28 meters of you.
  • Plague Doctor: Increases your Max Health by 6412, and your healing received by 4%.
  • Akaviri Dragonguard: Adds 129 Magicka recovery, increase healing received by 4%, increase max health by 1206, and reduces the cost of Ultimate abilities by 15%.
  • Roar of Alkosh: Adds 883 weapon critical, adds 129 weapon damage, grants minor slayer increasing damage against Trial/Dungeon enemies by 5%, and when you activate a synergy, you do 1720 AOE physical damage and an additional 12040 physical damage over 10 seconds. Reduces the physical and spell resistance of any enemy hit by 3010 for 10 seconds.
  • Claw of Yolnakhriin: Increases max health by 1206, increases max stamina by 1096, grants minor Aegis reducing damage taken by Trial/Dungeon enemies by 5%. When you taunt an enemy, give yourself and 11 group members Minor Courage for 15 seconds, increasing Spell and Weapon Damage by 129. 8-second cooldown.
    • 'Perfect' Claw of Yolnarkhriin: Increases max health by an additional 1206 (making the set give a bonus of 2412 health total)

Monster Set:

  • Blood Spawn: Adds 129 stamina recovery, and when you take damage, you have a 6% chance to generate 14 Ultimate and increase your physical and spell resistance by 6450 for 6 seconds. 6-second cooldown.
  • Thurkovun: Increases max health by 1206, and when a nearby enemy damages you, summon a growing pool of desecrated bile for 8 seconds. Enemies in the bile receive 430 Disease Damage every 1 second and are afflicted with Minor Maim and Minor Defile, reducing their damage done and healing received by 15%. 8-second cooldown
  • Lord Warden: Adds 2975 physical, adds 2975 spell resistance, and when you take damage, you have a 50% chance to summon a shadow orb for 10 seconds that increases the physical and spell resistance of you and your allies within 8 meters by 3870. 10-second cooldown.

Weapon Set:

  • Disciplined Slash: When you deal damage with Reverse Slash, you generate up to 14 Ultimate based on how much execute bonus damage it dealt
    • 'Perfect' Disciplined Slash: When you deal damage with Reverse Slash, you generate up to 15 Ultimate based on how much execute bonus damage it dealt.

'Perfect' vs 'Imperfect' Gear:

  • While the Perfect versions of gear are superior to the Imperfect counterparts, if you don't feel up to completing Veteran Trials to get the Perfect variants of gear, you can easily settle for the Imperfect variants as they are still very good sets.


  • Replace Berserker Rage with Werewolf Ulitmate (Pack Leader Morph)
    • Werewolf Skills
      • Brutal Pounce
      • Hircine's Rage
      • Howl of Despair
      • Deafening Roar
      • Claws of Life


  • PLAY WHATEVER YOU WANT TO PLAY! But if you really care about Min-Maxing for races and builds, then Nord or Argonian are the best races for this build. But honestly, it doesn't really matter for general gameplay.

Thanks to Alcast for his PVE Dragonknight Tank Build, that has been the main inspiration for this build, (recommend you check him out!)


Champion Point Tips


  • Ritual:  40 Precise Strikes, 10 Piercing
  • Atronach: 47 Physical Weapons Expert, 73 Master-at-Arms
  • Apprentice: 100 Blessed
  • Shadow: 81 Shadow Ward, 63 Tumbling
  • Lover: 43 Tenacity
  • Tower: 83 Warlord
  • Lord: 18 Bastion, 12 Heavy Armour Focus
  • Lady: 56 Hardy, 56 Elemental Defender, 56 Thick Skinned
  • Steed: 72 Ironclad




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