Tesla Unleashed (Homestead PvE)

Author: Paradoxiam10


Race: Altmer (High Elf)

Main Role: Tank

Health, Magicka, Stamina

0 64 0




Bar 1

Weapon 1: One Handed And Shield

Bound Aegis

Sorcerer Skill

Bound Aegis

Bound Armor


Immovable Brute

Heavy Armor Skill

Immovable Brute



Boundless Storm

Sorcerer Skill

Boundless Storm

Lightning Form


Pierce Armor

One Hand And Shield Skill

Pierce Armor



Absorb Magic

One Hand And Shield Skill

Absorb Magic

Defensive Posture


Absorption Field

Sorcerer Skill

Absorption Field

Negate Magic


Bar 2

Weapon 2: Destruction Staff

Bound Aegis

Sorcerer Skill

Bound Aegis

Bound Armor


Critical Surge

Sorcerer Skill

Critical Surge



Elemental Blockade

Destruction Staff Skill

Elemental Blockade

Wall of Elements


Shattering Prison

Sorcerer Skill

Shattering Prison



Liquid Lightning

Sorcerer Skill

Liquid Lightning

Lightning Splash


Eye of the Storm

Destruction Staff Skill

Eye of the Storm

Elemental Storm


Armor Types

Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor
1 1 5


Gear and Item Set Info


This build is not only fun but it gives all the necessary resistance and very decent damage output while keeping you healthy in the process. I have included 2 set-ups for those who may not be able to obtain certain gear. Let's get started!

Best Races

High Elf (recommended): Their passives are very optimal for this setup especially since our back bar will be for damage dealing with a destro staff. Max magicka and recovery will help when you are in between boss fight and need to help your team kill trash mobs. Elemental Talent will increase our lightning damage which syncs great with the armour sets that this build will use.

Dark Elf: (2nd best): This could be argued to be better than High Elf as this class will increases magicka and stamina (you will need stamina for your main bar) and flame resistance (almost all dungeons have flame damage in them). But for me, I like the magicka recovery and the extra 2% damage bonus to elements that Altmer race provides. It's really up to preference at this point.

Breton (3rd best): Though you may not get the boost in elemental damage like with the High Elf, all dungeons have magicka based enemies in them so the Spell Resistance would be a great boon for survivability. 


Gear Set Up

We will be taking advantage of the undaunted passive Undaunted Mettle so we can increase our resources.

My Set-up

1 Hand weapon: Bahraha's Curse sharpened with crushing enchantment

Shield: Bahraha's Curse with sturdy or reinforced with max magicka enchantment

Lightning Staff: Bahraha's Curse sharpened with spell damage enchantment (if you have trouble getting this staff a crafted staff will do)

Head/Shoulder: Stormfist or Ilambris divines with max health enchantment (heavy)

Chest/Hands/Legs: Bahraha's Curse (heavy, medium and light) divines with max magicka enchantment

Waist/Feet: Thunderbug's Carapace divines with max magicka enchantment

Jewelry: Thunderbug's Carapace healthy with spell damage enchantments

Why this setup? 

Bahraha's Curse: Found in Hew's Bane territory, this will increase all of your resources plus is a great way to help with your sustain as it's passive can be procs multiple ways which includes the thunderbug set.

Thunderbug's Carapace: Found in Malabal Tor territory (very cheap in guild traders), admittedly I was just playing around with this set until I realized just how often it procs while in dungeons! It gives both resistances and spell damage. It helps to proc Bahraha's Curse, Ilambris and Stormfist.

Stormfist: Obtained through defeating vet Tempest Island. Give stamina recovery which may help if you are having trouble managing your stamina. Deals great damage.

Ilambris: Obtained through defeating vet Crypt of Hearts I. My personal choice over stormfist for the max magicka and I like the passive though stormfist may deal more damage. Even when on your main bar, both monster sets can be procced by thunderbug or boundless storm ability.

Poor Man's Set-up

1 Hand weapon: Twice Born Star sharpened with crushing enchantment

Shield: Twice Born Star with sturdy or reinforced with max magicka enchantment

Lightning Staff: Twice Born Star sharpened with spell damage enchantment

Head/Shoulder: Stormfist or Ilambris divines with max health enchantment (1 medium and 1 light)

Chest/Hands/Legs: Twice Born Star (heavy, medium and light) divines with max magicka enchantment

Waist/Feet: Thunderbug's Carapace divines with max magicka enchantment

Jewelry: Thunderbug's Carapace healthy with spell damage enchantments

Why this set up? 

I won't bother to repeat what's already been said about the other sets but Twice Born Star is craftable, gives the max to all resources and allows you to use two mundus stones!


Mundus Stone

The Atronach (magicka recovery) or The Serpent (stamina recovery if you're having trouble with stamina management) (both if using TBS)



Bi Foods: 

Jagga Drenched "mud  ball" (increases magicka and stamina 4500+ for 2 hrs and can be used at any level)

Late Hearthfire Vegetable Tart (increases magicka and stamina 4900+ for 1 hrs and can be used at cp 150)

Tri-Foods: Longfin Pasty with Melon Sauce or Withered Tree Inn Venison Pot Roast (increase health and magicka 4400+ and stamina 4100+ for 2 hrs)



Tri potions



High sustain

Great damage for a tank

Great for solo players

Easier queue because you CAN tank



Monster set may be difficult to farm if you don't have a good team

Managing buffs regularly

CAN run out of stamina if you keep spamming abilities when you don't need to (rare)

Harder if you can't multitask


General Info


Abilities, Roles and Gameplay Rotation

Let's talk about the first skill bar. This is the bar that you will use when fighting bosses. You can use the second bar but I would not recommend if you are not that good at bar switching. Leave DPS bar to strictly clearing adds.

Rotation: Bound Aegis should ALWAYS be on which is why it's on both bars so you don't have to reapply it. If it's not on, make sure it is before a boss fight. Pop shields (Immovable Brute and Absorb Magicka) followed by Boundless Storm then finally Pierce Armor to draw aggro. Reapply shields and storm as needed and re-taunt boss. It's easy to get caught up in spamming your abilities and end up running out of resources (no buff addon on console makes managing hella difficult). You have to keep count in your head or a visual eye when to reapply your abilities. With practice, you will get the hang of it. Learn to interrupt! It helps a great deal if you can stun a boss even if only a few seconds. If running this with a friendly healer have them run luminous shard to aid in your resource management. 

Why these skills? 


Bound Aegis gives you permanent resistances so long as it remains active. It will also increase your magicka by 7%. The more magicka you have the more damage you can deal.

Immovable Brute will provide over 5k in resistances, lessen the cost of break free moments and make you immune to knockback for 5 seconds. Pay attention to a boss who has knockbacks and pop this before they do it.

Absorb Magicka will heal you anytime you are hit by spell projectiles also decreases block cost by 7%.

Conjure Ward can replace Immovable Brute if you are having trouble with stamina management.


Other Abilities:

Boundless Storm help to deal damage to the boss while giving you a lot of resistances. This will proc you gear passives and helm passives as well. Also, provide movement speed for a few seconds which may be crucial at times.

Pierce Armor is your taunt and the bread and butter ability of all tanks. It will taunt, deal damage and lower the bosses resistances.



Absorption Field is a great ultimate during boss fights. It will heal you in a pinch and will stun adds that are surrounding the boss if you get overwhelmed. 

Shield Discipline is another option that can be taken if you have a reliable healer and strong DPS'ers in your group. It will automatically block projectiles and reduce the cost of your 1H and shield abilities.


Let's talk about the second skill bar. This is the bar you will be on in between boss fights to help clear out adds with your team faster. Bar swap to pop shields when and if needed.

Rotation: Again,  Bound Aegis should ALWAYS be on and make sure your Critical Surge is up before using your rotation for max damage. Start with Shattering Prisons followed by Elemental Blockade and finally Liquid Lightning. Be sure to use heavy attacks from your staff to help build up your ult. This rotation provides crowd control and lots of damage.


Why these skills? 


Shattering Prison provides great crowds control especially for large mobs and exploded for extra damage when the effect ends.

Elemental Blockade is great for DoT. When used with a lightning staff as in this build it will set enemies off balance which will play a roll in how we allocated our CPs, but talk on that later.

Liquid Lightning is another great DoT and syncs well while enemies are caught both in shattering prison and blockade, Allies can also activate Conduit for extra damage.

Inner Light is another option instead of  Liquid Lightning if you would prefer an increase in your spell crit rating.



Eye of the Storm is the only ult that matters for this bar in my opinion. The damage is just sick and can aid you in healing if your Critical Surge if active. Plus your mobility isn't limited with this ult.


Ability Passives

Dark Magic: All passive taken

Daedric Summoning: Power Stone and Daedric Protection 

Storm Calling: All passives taken

1H and Shield: All passives taken

Destro Staff: All passives taken

Heavy Armour: All passives have taken

Light Armour: All passives taken

Medium Armour: Wind Walker and Agility

Undaunted: Undaunted Command and Mettle

Race Skills: All passives taken




Champion Point Tips



Magician: 60

Arcanist: 100

Shadow Ward: 27

If you're having trouble sustaining your stamina, put the 27 points into Warlord.


Thaumaturge: 75 (you want to unlock exploiter passive to deal extra damage while using Blockade of Storm)

Elemental Expert: 100

Spell Erosion: 12


Bastion: 100

Hardy: 43

Elemental Defender: 44





Build Rating

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